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Please do not disturb

by:OPeREAL     2019-09-04
He sang cheerfully, as if in front of the audience who enjoyed it.
Australia forward Expo is a particularly popular show selected from many songs.
The desire to get a perfect performance is undoubtedly helped by too many people who spend their time in the bar where he works.
I dare to take a look at my bedside table before falling down on the pillow. 2.
30 . . . . . . In addition to my set to 6, it is as reliable as the alarm clock. 30am!
Knowing that the more excited I am, the less likely I am to fall asleep, I succumb to the harsh sound of the sound-a mixture of sound and running water.
During the day, I was bothered by the best way to end this riot amicably.
Finally, chatting with my young neighbor and his girlfriend in the front garden, I took a deep breath and casually mentioned my night --Time woke up.
They got a fright and then said awkward apologies in unison. The 2.
The 30am concert is over.
The rest of the next few months was uninterrupted until a cock came to live near us. Each (and every)
At dawn, he will proudly put his head into the fresh and fresh air (
Probably what I imagined)
The Crow is long and big.
I moaned-the sound was long and big-trying to smother the sound with a pillow on top of my head.
Is this the fate of my life?
Wake up when someone or something decides I should wake up?
Of course, I have the right to set my own alarm!
Many morning commotion followed.
I decided to file a formal complaint, although I hesitated after discovering the owner of the cock during the day.
Is it wise to report that large building?
I ventured into parliament and deliberately chose a time that I thought was quiet.
\"Can I talk to someone about the cock?
My voice is low and my words are low.
After she took these details, the receptionist assured me with a smile: \"Everything is kept confidential.
A week later, a ranger called.
\"Sunday lunch feels like a cock? ” he joked.
I don\'t think it\'s funny.
\"There is no law to ban raising Cocks, but it is not considerate for the neighbors.
I talked to the owner.
Give him a few weeks to file a complaint if the problem persists.
Two weeks later, the crowd stopped crowding.
I feel a little guilty because it is my duty to end the life of the cock, at least near us.
But I am satisfied that the dawn near US has returned to peace.
After all, I\'m certainly not the only one who is keen on setting his own alarm clock. I wonder who (or what)
Next will be an attempt to invade my early game.
How many hours to sleep in the morning?
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