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primavera sound 2011

by:OPeREAL     2019-08-21
Festivals are usually judged based on the five essential elements of music, food and drink, weather, accommodation and attendance.
My first experience with Primavera Sound (
I must have a lot of people)
This is a negative effect as the bar system crashed after opening the door on Thursday at Parc del f rum, a cashless ipad.
The staff just shrugged and gave the rough-
There are few inaccurate failures.
Predict when punters will be able to use their Primavera card (
Credit charges can be charged at the designated kiosk)
Satisfy their desire for the Sunkissed evening.
They ended up running at some bars but not all.
The only problem is that a large number of queues have been formed at this juncture, and after a while these queues have become tense --free levels.
According to the Primavera regulars I participated in, this is the third different bar system used over the years, and the previous method also lacks users-friendliness.
Organizers eventually abandoned the credit card system and will accept cash transactions by Saturday.
No accident, almost no problem since then.
Vernon Coleman once wrote: \"apologizing for your mistake is a sign of maturity and strength.
Learning from mistakes is a sign of true wisdom.
\"On Saturday, the festival organizer\'s press release did not mention the fiasco, which does not bode well for the improvement of the situation in the coming years.
The music itself is a mix of 221 act packs, some of the famous names such as pulp, country and burning lips, supported by a large number of emerging independent candidates.
The above-mentioned pulp and State hit sites, as did Greenman and Interpol.
What\'s more impressive is the burning lips like Montreal and Avi Buffalo.
Bell and Sebastian seem a little out of tune with the weather.
Maybe their long journey has begun to pay the price)
But it\'s great to hear \"if you feel more criminal\", a soft warm wind blowing in from the sea and stroking the crowd.
What impressed me was the punctuality of the performers.
It is very good to follow the schedule.
The park itself is very big.
In addition to the rather isolated Llevant, these stages are quite close to each other.
Action tends to kick-off at about 4.
At 30 in the afternoon, the program lasted until about six o\'clock A. M. the next day.
Need to explain things late at night with lies
Until the afternoon.
Nutrition is always very important in maintaining endurance, and in this regard, Primavera Sound is as good as any festival I \'ve been.
Chicken kebabs and crepes are my staples, but there are plenty of healthy and unhealthy foods to match to suit most tastes.
There are enough seats to enjoy your fare, which is also helpful.
A big advantage of Primavera Sound at the Irish music festival is the weather.
The schedule ensures that you are free from hot noon, and that the evening and evening are the best options to wander around in summer clothes.
I didn\'t see the rain while I was there, however, even if Heaven opens most of the concrete landscape, it doesn\'t lend to Irish festivals that sometimes turn into mud baths over the years.
This is my first \"City\" festival and I would love to know how it will be different from a festival like osigan and Glastonbury.
The answer is pretty good.
I shared an apartment near the main square of the city (
Plaza Catalunya)
The subway station is only two minutes away and we can get to the festival gate in about 20 minutes.
There is an apartment to come back, a welcome change to life in the tent and a soft mattress/sofa (
First come first served)
Air conditioning provides an opportunity for the body to recover properly.
The urban environment also provides an alternative to the green space I weaned.
There was a place where I visited the facilities at one of the highest points of the Parc del f\'rum site and found myself being on one side of the Mediterranean and Barcelona (Well, half)on the other.
To be sure, I have responded to the call of nature in picturesque places.
Assembled hackers have the opportunity to swim in the news area split swimming area with free towels.
My failure to accept their offer may be my only regret.
The crowd seems quite International.
We met more Irish, Italian and British people than Spaniards, and we often heard American accents when we lined up.
Even with a massive setback in the atmosphere of the bar, the atmosphere is still good --natured.
In the performance, the audience certainly played their part in the decoration performance, especially in Pulp, where everyone seemed \"willing\", as they said \".
Barcelona\'s victory in Saturday\'s Champions League final excited locals.
Personally, the company of Primavera veterans Noel, Jason, Paul, Mick, Ant and Shay has greatly enhanced my experience.
I am sure that for these four days, without their knowledge, help and humor, half of my Primavera Sound 2011 will not be memorable.
I guess the final judgment on a festival is if you will go back again.
Scroll in next May!
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