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Review: Ikea Leksvik crib both safe and affordable

by:OPeREAL     2019-08-28
In the previous post, I discussed how.
While many cribs can run for $600 or more, one of the safest cribs you can buy now costs just $199 :.
When we decided to buy a new crib, I looked at the consumer report to see what was there (
CR membership is required for this link).
To my surprise, Ikea\'s Leksvik crib was rated 82 out of 100 and 3 points behind CR\'s 85.
A crib for $600.
Leksvik has achieved the highest score of \"excellence\" in both safety and construction, the same as Kensington.
Leksvik is one of only two cribs (
Good quality and good price index).
It is important to take into account recent concerns about the decline
Leksvik is a fixed side crib which means no side will drop.
At first my wife was worried about this and was worried that it would be difficult for her to get the boy out of her crib.
But Leksvik has solved the problem by sitting on a much shorter leg.
A whole foot lower than our previous crib.
In fact, there is now only about 10 cm gap between the bottom of the crib and the floor.
This means that, as we did before, there is not enough room under the bed to store toys and clothes.
But I think it\'s also a security feature.
If the boy learns how to climb out of his crib, the distance he Falls is much smaller.
Unlike many Ikea furniture, the Leksvik crib is made of solid mountain-haired tree wood, so it is nice and sturdy.
Moreover, Ikea furniture is relatively easy to assemble.
It took me about an hour.
The Leksvik crib has two mattress heights, one for newborns and one for older children.
The mattress support system is screwed directly to the side of the bed, so it is both beautiful and safe.
Finally, when your child grows up, the crib can be turned into a toddler bed.
The most standard crib mattress for Lex Vic (27. 5 x 52 inches)
So we can use the mattress in the old crib in the new crib.
However, if you need to buy a new Ikea, prices range from $39 to $99.
Some of the parents who bought the Leksvik crib are unhappy with this, but it seems to be relatively suitable for our crib.
Overall, we are very happy with Lex Vic.
It feels much stronger than the crib it replaced.
It is very easy to get the boy in and out of it, even without the downsides.
I \'d love to know which types of baby crib readers are out there --
And if you are satisfied with your purchase.
Tell me.
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