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Sea Kayaking the Land of the Gods

by:OPeREAL     2019-09-04
After the ancient Greek gods of Zeus, Apollo, alemis, Hercules, Pegasus, and even Poseidon himself, you will canoe to Crete.
But even in the presence of these gods, it is the beauty of the area that truly holds your breath.
Crete has more than 650 miles of glass, turquoise coastline to explore, and it is the largest Gracie islands 163 miles long, like its God\'s carving of marble statues, it is at sea
The same marble, in the form of steep limestone mountains in the area, makes it such a major paddle. Our 80-
The mile tour of the south coast of Crete starts with Heraklion, guided by Dana Paskowitz and Rick Sweitzer, who are the owners of the outfitter Northwest Passage.
Rick\'s hair and eyes sparkled like the sea, Socrates of the sea kayak here, has been in Greece for more than 20 years.
My wife and two daughters are with us, 10 and 14, respectively;
My mom, a 79-year-old; and the five-
A powerful hairy family from Chicago, consisting of Dan, Carmen and 23-year-old Adam, 21-year-old Lacey and 18-year-old Lisa.
Rick strategically sized my daughter.
Affected the music of Mia\'s mother in the stereo sound.
Before we leave the city, the girls are singing and you can dance on top of their lungs.
Thankfully, our first stop saved us.
At the ancient Minos Knossos Palace, its civilization is like Abba songs, and my daughters are slaughtered by one of the world\'s 1600 BC\'s largest recorded volcanic eruptions.
We equip our sea kayaks in Matala village and then take them to the local bay for a quick day paddle.
My young face was drawn to the Red Beach and turned into a shade of sand.
This is the first time we have seen the nudity of the Greeks, causing a series of laughter.
We cover our skin with personalized spa treatments, a supplement to a bucket of mud in a shed selling mojitos.
On our way back, we visited a cathedral.
Like the sea hole, Homer started his odyssey on the island of Homer dos.
It is the southernmost island in Europe, just 125 miles from the North African coast.
That night, we went to a restaurant overlooking the Mediterranean.
Behind us, 8,058 of the mountain is reluctantfoot Mt.
Priglitis is the birthplace of Jersey, just like the crown of God.
In Greek cuisine such as Slovakia and Musca, Rick outlines our itinerary: we will be heading northwest to reach the top of Samaritan Canyon and we will be hiking to agirumei
From there, we will be heading back to Matara 80 miles east and, coincidentally, arrive during the Matara hippie festival.
Like the tip, restaurant speaker blare Joni Mitchell wrote her album here while living in the town\'s seaside cave in 1970. âx80x9cYamas!
Bring up a raki and toast Dana
The unique Foundation spirit of Crete.
We know it is available for every meal.
Had a great breakfast with Greek yogurt, fruit and hard yogurt.
Boiled eggs, we are from restsleeping town.
No one got up too early here, Rick said.
I find myself more and more fond of Greece.
Vana\'s CD player is still stuck on Mia\'s mom.
This is the only thing it can play with, which proves that Rick is right.
Our break this time is on the ruins of Phaistos, a palace ruled by the son of zeus Kumar Rhadamanthys, the brother of King Minos.
At the top of Samaritan Canyon, the World Heritage site, Crete split in two and we started our 11-mile, slot-canyon hike.
Tired, but soldiers, the children did a great job, and soon we arrived at the seaside town of agalumeili, guarded by the ruins of the 1700 Turkish fortress on the hillside.
There is no way to the town, Dana water-
The boat crossed one side of our hotel, next to the hedge at night --
Jasmine flowers in full bloom.
When I drift to sleep, I find a fragrant flower under the pillow.
In the morning, we went out to sea like many ancient sailors in front of us.
It\'s only a little easier for us.
Our first stop is parallel to the rocky undulating coastline, following E-in two hours-
The longest hiking route in Europe.
I realized that I would rather canoe on this coast than on foot.
We pulled the boat up, had a cappuccino, toured the 10th-century stone church, and then jumped into the water before moving on.
It\'s another morning in Greece.
Our lunch stop appears outside the Mediterranean blue in a corner of a secluded bay along the intricate coastline. A white-
Walled restaurant with several overnight rooms, located at the bottom of the agathana Canyon in another worldclass hike.
Its name, Marmara, is owned by the famous Greek photographer, Juan stomos, meaning marble, as shown on the stairs to the bar.
After a cliff jump and a cave swim, we went to Loutro for another three hours, its sparkling white, blue
A trimmed building close to the hillside.
With an umbrella-
Waiting in line at the pier, we were still staying at our hotel in a spray skirt.
We need a day of stopover to paddle to the beach of sweet water, which is named after the spring water that penetrates through the sand, after which Kathy organized the biggest Mama Mia jump in history, 11 of us sang at the pier to delight diners nearby.
At sunset, we hike to the Venetian fortress above the town and another Turkish fortress above the town.
People have been living here for thousands of years and he brought us Greek Chardonnay, Rick said.
No other place in the world can combine such a great paddle with such a history.
The next day, when we got into the deeper water, we tasted the taste again, the Venetian Frangokastello castle near Hola safken.
It was built in the 1400 s to help conquer the local population and monitor the ocean.
A plaque commemorates a battle in which 465 locals died outside the gate.
There are rumors today that their souls are wandering here.
Then we passed more.
Hued Hull on the wreck
Rick said it was less than a year old and smugglers from Russia were trapped in the storm.
Kathy said from the boat head of our double kayak that all the stories we heard here were a little sad.
The days come together like these stories and shadows
We have a ridge lined up in front of us.
The lights came out of the Stern on Friday night. Rick brought it out.
Actually, I welcome Abba for the first time.
He and Kathy are behind us trying to make progress in the 30-30 racemph wind storm.
It\'s not a fun place for anyone, especially for Kathyand wave-
Blow up at the bow
Rick\'s tried to keep morale and help.
Our paddle was almost over and came to the village of Plakias and adjusted our route according to the protection of the nearby port.
Earlier, Poseidon smiled at us on the calm sea.
But the winds of the sea now threaten to blow us to Libya and scatter all of us on plates like olives.
Safely on the shore, we started a difficult task of loading the ship on the van with a fully loaded vanblown gale.
\"Coast\" tends to play here, and \"Coast\" understates Rick.
When we drove to the hotel, the good news was Rick\'s promise that we would end up empty.
The girl reward is to visit the fish spa, where the toothless Gara Rufa fish bites skin bacteria from their feet for a natural exfoliating treatment of € 10.
The wind will not weaken the next morning.
The bay is bubble like our dinner.
Rick checked his phone and confirmed it was a Beaufort 7 with a 40-mile gust.
He said that people who paddle today must carry their passports with them.
We carefully bypassed the intersection of Dane Bay, returned to the Dancing Queen, and drove to Palm Beach, where there was a lonely palm tree --
The Lined river meets the sea.
We had cappuccino in the morning, rock climbing, and jumped off the boulders that stood out the bay.
After lunch, we arranged 10-
Mile paddle agalini.
To pass the time, we play word games, answer riddles and spell out words with kayaks.
On the way, we went through a narrow passage between the two islands, almost no wider than our kayaks.
It was like the ancient bull jumping ceremony of King Minos, who sacrificed the girls by letting them skip the Minos horns.
The son of the King of Athens, haggis, later drove the ship over the murdered Bullhead and fled with the king\'s daughter Ariadne.
Like those girls, it\'s also a tense squeeze for us, with rocks on both sides and waves on the bull\'s choppy back.
Like a typical Greek dinner, we get something in the headwind, tail wind, side wind and calm.
Soon, we were in a corner of Galliani, docked in a protected port.
In Greek mythology, King Minos accused local engineer David deus of sailing through the maze and killing the bull head.
That\'s why Daedeus invented his wings to fly away with his son Icarus.
This is one of the many myths that my children and I learn through sea kayaks.
We woke up early the next morning.
It\'s the longest time we \'ve traveled a mile back to Matara.
With a good wind we smile, the three of us surf
The feet of the football field will swell at once.
In the end, we reached the bay, paddled in, barely recognized a week ago.
This is the climax of the hippie festival, where carnival people can be seen everywhere on the beach.
Across the cliff paratroopers, swimmers, and snorkeling we rowed ashore and took our boat through the crowd.
And then we prepare an interesting-
Filled with the wine god and the night of ecstasy, and the God of music Apollo.
Soon our spirit was as light as the wings of icarus: by air or ferry from Athens to Heraklion, capital of Crete.
Information: Northwest Passage ,(800)732-7328, www. nwpassage.
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