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Sleep: The facts from a to zzzzzzzzzzzz

by:OPeREAL     2019-09-08
How much did you sleep last night? Really?
It\'s not too bad, is it? Seven-and-a-
What do you think is half an hour?
You crashed as soon as you hit the pillow at 11.
At 30 in the evening, you sleep like you know, until the alarm clock at seven o\'clock A. M. , right?
You\'re almost certainly wrong.
The nature of sleep means that we know very little about what happens when we are in a state of sleep.
Even though we were actually awake during that time, we just didn\'t realize it.
We are a planet that is becoming more and more clear.
This is not to say that, as individuals, the amount of sleep we sleep on a daily basis is bound to decrease --
This is a question of debate among sleep experts.
But we sleep differently.
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