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Sleeping on the job

by:OPeREAL     2019-09-08
Who doesn\'t like napIs, what\'s better than dozing off on a lazy Sunday afternoon because you don\'t have any responsibility, also won\'t be generated by wasting hours on your couch if I want to take a nap I\'ll put a football game on TV and I\'ll be out in 10 minutes.
That\'s not football.
I love watching the sport and covering it before my current beat.
But there is something about the constant movement, the rhythm of the athlete\'s voice, the ups and downs of the crowd, the gradual strength of the ball when it approaches the goal, and perhaps most importantly, in the process of playing, I don\'t have any whistles to sleep like a baby.
The only nap that is better than a football nap is a nap at the Masters golf tournament, the announcer and the birds in the background make a calm voice, the master\'s music, to be honest, it\'s better to do a Ecstasy
In the National Hockey League, however, napping is more than an occasional luxury.
They are part of the sport, just as the coach pulls the goalkeeper down in less than two minutes.
Maybe there is no more important factor in the daily life of NHL players before the game. game nap.
Whether at home or outside, whether it\'s a family man or a single man, every professional hockey player takes a nap before the game that night, almost without exception.
How is this phenomenon accurately positioned?
But a quick survey of the Tampa Bay Lightning locker room shows that this practice is usually learned in junior hockey and only strengthens with the level.
Typical siesta lasts 90 minutes in junior.
When a player arrives at the NHL, naptime can be around three hours.
\"I don\'t think I am (napping)
Lightning striker said he took a nap two hours and 15 minutes before each game.
\"We have more time at school and the game is on the weekend in the afternoon, so I don\'t think I did that at midget or AAA.
Starting from junior year.
Gould said with a smile: \"It\'s probably because everyone is doing it, and I think, \'Oh, let\'s take a nap here. \'\".
Gould is an interesting case.
In this story, he is more than any Lightning player I have spoken to, and he is a strict program before every game. -
Go to bed before 1: 15m. -Up at 3:30 p. m. -
Make coffee after waking upShower-
Before 4: 15, in the car, go to the ice rink. m. -
Start drinking his coffee while driving, and then in the player\'s compound at AMALIE Arena --
Take a bite at the ice rink
A espresso for two.
Getting ready for the race time, coffee and espresso for two don\'t make me nervous, \"Sometimes I feel like I\'m under low pressure, or whatever else, I\'m like I\'m dizzy for a second or a few minutes (
After espresso)
Then I drink some more sugar and then I\'m fine. \"Gould explained.
\"But sometimes I may be a little exaggerated on the coffee here.
Gould and his wife, Mary, welcomed their first child Emma in the playoffs last season.
Any parent knows that if the baby cries while the dad is trying to sleep, the newborn will make naptime more difficult.
Many Lightning players also have families.
At Stralman\'s house, four young children and wife Johanna tried to keep order and when Dad came home from skating in the morning it was an unwritten rule that he needed to be quiet so he could rest.
Sometimes it\'s easier said than done.
Stralman said with a smile: \"There are occasional interruptions in the house, whether it\'s dating or kids playing games,\" it doesn\'t matter if he has 30 minutes or 1 hour and 30 minutes of sleep before adding.
\"Right now, we\'re working on it, so you hear the chainsaw coming off, you wake up, or they start with a nail gun. \"J. T.
Miller and his wife, Natalie, gave birth to a baby girl between the first and second rounds of the playoffs last season, Scott Sterling Mary.
Miller and his daughter are on the same afternoon nap schedule which is ideal but certainly not normal.
\"She went down at 1, so we are going down together now.
\"It\'s perfect,\" Miller said.
\"The house is nice and quiet.
Or I try to make sure I sleep before 1 because that\'s when she goes downstairs and the house is calm.
I may sleep from 1 to 3 or at least a few hours in bed, whether I\'m relaxing or really sleeping.
Miller made a good point. The pre-
Game nap is not necessarily the whole time to sleep.
Sometimes it\'s just relaxing in bed and watching the carnival of TV shows, usually ending with a player dozing off. \"Koeks [
Lightning defender
Anthony Cirelli said at the morning skating meeting in front of Bolt\'s showdown with Nashville: \"I just showed me a show and I think it was called\" sinner \"on Netflix
\"I\'m going to try that show today, so maybe I\'ll watch a few episodes and then maybe around 1: 30.
When I started walking down
\"The most important thing is that this is the pre-game relaxation period.
The game nap program allows players to decompress and prepare for the game later that night.
\"I have a fixed time to lie down,\" said the lightning striker . \".
\"I usually set an alarm clock for about two hours.
I\'m not sleeping all the time, but that\'s why I limit myself.
Really, I slept for about 45 minutes, just lying there watching TV and hoping I could fall asleep.
Sometimes I can\'t sleep lying there and I say, \'Hey, I won\'t take a nap.
I was lying there.
So, it\'s just a dependency.
So the real question is: make a good pre-
If the nap is interrupted and the player is unable to sleep, the game nap becomes a good game on the ice, Miller replied: \"Does this mean that he will not perform well later that night? \"There have been many times in the year that I just proved that every situation that happened was reasonable, so I
\"Sometimes I sleep for 10 minutes, wake up and score two goals, the way you think it should be.
But it can also go another way.
No matter how long I sleep, I try to sleep for a while.
I try to feel it too.
I don\'t want to force myself to leave for two hours.
If I sleep for 45 minutes
If I sleep two nightsand-a-half (hours)
I can do it.
I will, too.
\"Miller is not superstitious, so if he slept for 10 minutes and scored two goals, he wouldn\'t score 10 . \"
He said he would take a minute nap in the next game and hope to make another match.
Gould sat at the booth on the left side of the Lightning locker room, just the opposite.
\"I make fun of people who always do the same thing,\" Miller said . \".
\"Gurdo has been doing these things all the time.
I am full of praise for this matter.
\"It will be easier to take a nap at home because your own bed is comfortable.
But road naps are also good because once skating is over in the morning,
The hotel\'s game lunch was eaten and there was nothing to do before the bus left for the rink a few hours later.
\"It\'s the same whether it\'s home or road . \"
\"You go out when your head meets the pillow.
\"Every day of the game is the same in the life of NHL players: Skating/exercising in the morning, having a little lunch and then sleeping and resting. eye.
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