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Sleepless nights bring visions

by:OPeREAL     2019-09-05
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published in 30/4/2016 (1128 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
This is time difference.
At dawn tomorrow, your body is thrown East, but your circadian rhythm remains on the other side of the sea.
Exposure is the biggest thing, but there is no light in your world.
You sleep before midnight and wake up before the last call at the bar.
Without sleep, you are awake in silence, twisting your mind in the mysterious moment of loneliness.
In the hours of purgatory, it was overwhelmed by the breath of others sleeping.
His snoring is your new review section (don’t read it).
His arm was opened casually on the pillow, a silent rebuke.
There are only two things you should do: Sleep and write.
You can\'t sleep due to the wrong time of exposure to light.
You can\'t write because writing belongs to a world you have never seen in your life.
Where people are awake and changing.
You have not changed now.
This is where your mind begins to chew its own legs to escape these chains of Twilight.
Time goes by, there is no passing, the night in the shadow is the same.
Every day, the memories of the other side of the ocean slip away.
Two days, four days, then a week.
You\'re starting to wonder if this really happened.
Since you are not ready to put it down, you retreat to the edge of you.
But I will fall into it if I can.
I will stretch my sleepless nights legs and roots there, stubborn and not moving.
Let me be jack pine of Canada.
Hardened in a row of beautiful silk
Cherry trees that have been screened
Let people sip sake under my open arms.
When I was back in Japan, in the light-free space between my eyes and the ceiling, give me a plate of cold Suba noodles.
In the morning, give my construction worker a stroll to the construction site, the towel wrapped around his forehead and the end fell behind.
Give me the cliff behind the narrow apartment we rented, gently encircle it and set it completely.
It bends out of the building like a ramp to the next level of human habitation.
Once, Tokyo was wood and paper, and now there is almost no trace except the coil of the street.
They curl up on themselves like a cat sleeping in the sun. Oh, sleep.
All you do in a week is sleep, but somehow not at all.
Maybe it\'s not jet lag after all (
You whisper to yourself in the dark).
Perhaps your brain, occupied by the discontent of places and streets in Manitoba, suddenly appears completely unimaginative when choosing the route.
Things change when you are not there.
The provincial government has changed.
You can\'t vote from across the ocean, which is good because voting means you think someone knows what to do to fix this Union.
Now, you don\'t know that for sure.
Maybe this is the other side.
The impact of travel is not because of the turbulence of your light model, but because of the turbulence of your life model.
The more you see how our world is different, the harder it is to decide which direction to take.
If you choose to overload, your mind will collapse.
It\'s like when you point gracefully to 10 items on the menu, but helplessly turn over the menu with 10 pages.
When you debate whether pizza or pasta will be more satisfied, you beg the waiter for a few more minutes. (
Finally, under the stress of hunger and fingers
Knock on your friend, you panic, go to the burger again. )
So fill your plane with this dark option
Black fortress behind, don\'t give you an answer.
It leaves the impression, like some of the far-flung etched extensions.
Just like in the centuries before photography, wealthy travelers will take the extension of the monument as a souvenir and as a piece of paper --thin memories.
Now we have Instagram.
Now I turn my red and sore eyes to tiny images of glowing whiteMy phone is very hot.
Here is the impression of me, which was the impression I left during my second visit to Tokyo, and now I stare out of the window and feel lonely.
First of all, the visual buffet of the architectural landscape, the sharing of the building and the walls is very small, and there is a complete lack of unity.
Every walk on residential streets becomes an exercise in exploration, and this change is an invitation;
It invites you to explore your city, try a new route home and immerse yourself in it on foot rather than on the road.
Second, there is a movement, a never-ending flow.
The world\'s booming cities are usually those that see traffic affected, and they know that one of the most important jobs in cities is to have people go where they need to go.
In this case, it is more short-lived: when we can come anywhere together, the city itself becomes more important and closer.
The final impression is scale.
Not up, but down.
It is an etching of a great city with many beautiful and tiny things inside.
Colorful Food
Carriage Meadows in Portland, Oregon.
Or little eight-
A bar in Tokyo.
Cities everywhere encourage space suitable for human beings --
Bring you closer and hold you tight.
What does this look like in Winnipeg, it stretches out its legs in order to better expose the parking lot
A lot of tattoos, slowly I lost hope to see.
Maybe the illusion escaped to the place where I was sleeping.
Maybe I need to forget it and let it go.
Instead, I lay another night in a place without lights, sore for the streets that folded themselves like silk ropes. melissa.
Martin @ freepressmb.
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