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Snake seeks warmth beneath woman\'s pillow as she settles in to watch Q&A

by:OPeREAL     2019-09-04
The story of Caroline Renault is the story of a nightmare, a story that never hissesterical.
This week, when she took a break on TV for a night\'s Q & A, she felt something was starting to move around her head.
\"I think, \'Gosh, there\'s a lot of Massu around tonight, \'because I can hear some vibration or hissing.
\"Bush education lecturer from Bennett Lake, south of Darwin, said she held her breath as she began to turn the pillow.
She told Jo Laverty of ABC Radio: \"I peeked under my pillow and jumped out of bed as quickly as possible . \".
After careful examination, however, trade biologist Reynolds MS was able to identify the snake as flaky Gray.
As temperatures begin to cool during the dry season, snakes tend to surface at this time of year, MS Renault said.
\"The snake is moving and wants to find a warm place to sleep;
My bed seems to be warmer than outside.
\"I caught the snake [
In the pillowcase.
And organize them to take it to the wildlife park to see if they want a very nice specimen.
MS Reynolds said her unusual bedtime experience sparked a number of jokes from British families.
\"I \'ve been alone for the last 20 years, so my family will definitely make a big joke about having\" snakes \"on the bed.
She said that when she lived in a remote area of the area, she was ready for the accident, a special event that would go down in history.
\"The snake on your head is an inspiring moment.
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