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Sometimes erotic dream is just a fantasy

by:OPeREAL     2019-09-05
Hey, time traveler!
This article was published in 20/8/2015 (2111 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
Dear Miss LONELYHEARTS: when I was sleeping, my wife hit me on the head with a pillow because I was talking while I was sleeping and said some other women\'s names.
Obviously I was dreaming and I had the name Deirdre in my mouth.
I have never even seen dildree.
How about innocent people?
So, I decided to make a joke about my wife and give her a lesson.
I woke her up at 6: 30 yesterday morning. m.
Then he shouted, \"Who the hell is Jimmy?
\"You\'re calling his name!
At first she took a bite and then she woke up completely and said, \"it\'s not funny.
Only those who are guilty will do so!
\"Now I sleep in the room and I\'m the first one to be attacked.
How can we overcome this stupidity? —
Hope we come back, St.
Dear Boniface wants us back: the two of you need to agree to the sleep privacy rules.
As long as there is no real need to suspect that the other party is cheating, porn dreams characterized by Deirdre, Lulabelle, Jimmy or anyone can be done.
You don\'t need to explain to each other.
By the way, you should know that some people watching pornographic movies will take some erotic names for them. (
You will never do that. )
Dear Miss Lonelyhearts: I am 21 years old and met this 29-year-old woman in a quiet place in Grand Beach, where you can suntan your upper body and no one will see you.
As I walked by, I commented that I also enjoyed sunbathing on my upper body.
She laughed because I was a man.
We started to meet each other every day and built a very sweet friendship.
Nothing else happened until last week.
When I found her, she cried because she found out that her boyfriend in town was dating someone while she was away.
She cried, I held her, and we were both naked.
One thing led to another, we had this amazing sexual experience, but she hasn\'t returned to the beach since then.
I don\'t know where she went.
I know she worked in the city for a few nights and stayed in the family cabin outside.
I feel very sad.
At least I think she\'s a good friend of mine.
If I thought sex would make her disappear like this, I would reject her. . . maybe.
Okay, I won\'t. So what now?
How do I find her?
Does she want me to see it? —
DEAR Hurting: No, this woman doesn\'t want you to find her out.
If she wants to meet you and know you are waiting for her, she will come to your little beach area.
She may have moved into the city completely.
Now it\'s time to win this guy back.
Or she may have decided that it is too complicated to see you now that you have sex.
She should talk to you for the last time, but it\'s hard to think about it in the breakup mode.
You should let go.
You sound like a good person and you should have a real relationship with a young and free woman this fall.
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