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the latest: panama coach angered by \'worst\' description

by:OPeREAL     2019-08-23
At the World Cup at the latest Thursday (All local time):12 a. m.
Hernan Gomez still accepts the fact that Panama lost for the third time in a row on the World Cup debut, when he was angered by a question about his team being described as the worst in the tournament.
Only two teams won no points.
The other is Egypt in Group.
But that\'s not the point, at least according to the Panama coach.
Gomez said, \"Maybe we are the last one, but are we really the worst team?
I think you should compare everything.
We are the latest team and we have encountered the most difficult schedule.
\"Panama is in a difficult group with Belgium and the UK.
It was ahead of Tunisia in the last game and lost twice in the second half to 2-1.
Blow up Panama-and-
Record against 2-11.
\"Please don\'t call us the worst team.
\"We are not the worst team,\" Gomez said . \".
\"We are a team that keeps learning and growing.
I think you should respect our team more.
You can\'t say we\'re the worst team.
This is lack of respect. ”——–11:35 p. m.
Premier League and Spanish league players scored nearly half of the World Cup goals in the group stage.
So far, of the 122 goals in 48 games, 31 were scored by England\'s top league club, and 29 were scored by Spanish players.
The other four goals came from the second player.
First-line clubs in these countries.
There are two top scorers in the Premier League: Tottenham\'s Harry Kane scored five goals for England and Manchester United\'s Lukaku scored four goals for Belgium.
The Spanish league has Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid, Portugal has four goals, Atletico Madrid Diego Costa has three goals, Spain has three goals, and Dennis cherishev from cher real
Kane and Lukaku did not play in Belgium.
England group stage on Thursday.
The players in the French league scored nine goals, one more than the German Bundesliga players. ——–11 p. m.
Colombia\'s joy of entering the World Cup knockout was tempered by concerns about James Rodgers.
Top scorer at 2014 World Cup, Rod rigz left in Colombia 1-31 minutes
0 defeated Senegal, ranked first in the group.
Colombia is set to play England in 16 rounds, with coach Jose peekman worried about the star attacking a calf muscle injury in the midfield.
\"I\'m worried,\" said Peckman,
This is a situation for us.
He fully adapted to the training and did not show any signs of injury during the last training.
I don\'t know where he is now. ”——10:55 p. m.
Wahbi Khazri established the second
Then he scored his goal to help Tunisia win the first World Cup in 40 years.
The Tunisian captain shot up in 66 minutes to make his team 2-
Victory over Panama.
15 minutes after Khazri\'s pin.
The EQ that points to the Fakhreddine Ben yousef.
Tunisia has not won the World Cup since 3-3
Defeated Mexico in 1978. Panama 1-
Due to their own reasons, leading 0-
In the 33-minute game, Jose Luis rodeitz\'s shot deviated from defender Yasin Melia. ——10:50 p. m.
Adnan jannouzaki\'s curling strike has allowed Belgium to enter the last 16 as a group champion
Victory over England has put his team on a more difficult path to the final.
The England and Belgium coaches made 17 adjustments to their starting lineup, leaving players after a break in the knockout phase, and a small night of tension or offensive intentions seemed exactly what they wanted.
Enter the game with the same points and target Records
After two consecutive victories
England are at the top of Group G\'s fair play record.
Lost as World Cup champion
Striker Harry Kane took a break and gave England the last game
Spain, Russia, Croatia, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland drew in 16 games against Colombia in Moscow on Tuesday.
Belgium Group H runner-up
The win against Japan on Monday means a semi-final against Brazil or Mexico.
Belgium, Croatia and Uruguay were the only teams to win in three group games. ——10:40 p. m.
Vincent Kompany has been in Belgium for the second time.
Came off the bench against England and suffered a groin injury nearly a month ago.
The World Cup friendly against Portugal in Brussels.
Belgian coach Roberto Martinez is in danger of injury
Manchester city center is back in Russia, but Kompany has returned to health and has been training with the team in recent days.
Kompany got one of the biggest cheers of the night at garriningrad, who replaced Thomas Vermalen in 74 minutes, Belgium leading 1-0. ——10:28 p. m.
Tunisia achieved a second good result soon.
The team\'s goal is to come back and get a 2-
Both teams are seeking their first victory in the World Cup.
Hadadi played a match with Annis Badri. and-
On the left side of the area, when the Panamanian goalkeeper Jaime Changning left his team, Hadadi fed it to Wabi kashri and scored in 66 minutes
Kazhri is part of the fahedin Ben Yousef EQ 15 minutes ago.
Panama also took the lead in the first half of this year.
Yassin Meria\'s goal, World Cup ninth record-goal.
Both teams have been eliminated and they are seeking their first win in the group.
This is Panama\'s first tournament. ——10:20 p. m.
The celebration of Belgian teammate Adnan jannouchi\'s goal against England did not go as planned.
Dortmund striker grabbed the ball after Januzaj\'s goal and kicked hard --
It may be for the network.
Instead, it bounced back from the post and hit him on the face.
Although his self-esteem may have been hurt, he does not seem to have been hurt.
Belgium 1-1 leading UK
0 in Group G.
Both teams have been qualified for 16 rounds. ——10:10 p. m.
Adnan jannouzazi broke the deadlock, he scored a shot into the far corner of Jordan Pickford\'s goal in 51 minutes, giving Belgium 1-
Lead England 0 in Group G World Cup.
England defender Danny Ross is sending a former to the left-
Pickford\'s foot was hit.
The winner of Thursday\'s game at the galingrad Stadium will win Group G.
Both sides are already eligible for 16 rounds.
In Saransk, Tunisia scored a good goal in 51 years, equating 1-1
The game against Panama
Naim Sliti fed Wahbi Kazhri on the right side and he punched it back in the middle and asked Fakh reddine Ben Youseff to use one-timer. ——9:50 p. m.
The offensive scene between England and Belgium may be 0-
The stalemate between the two highest scoring teams in the World Cup.
When the referee Damir Skomina blew his whistle, both groups of fans booed.
Both coaches have made a sweeping change to their starting lineup for their last Group G game at the garriningrad Stadium.
With eight new faces in England, Belgian coach Roberto Martinez has introduced nine new players.
England striker Harry Kane is the World Cup\'s top scorer. he scored five goals and Lukaku, who scored four goals for Belgium, was on his bench.
If the game is over, when they all enter the referee\'s roster in the first half, Yuri tilemans and Leander dendenko put Belgium behind the yellow card count.
Belgium took three yellow cards in the game and England took two yellow cards.
Jordan Pickford saved a long game during a rare mouth-opening move in the first half
Hit by iron in 6 minutes, and 4 minutes later, Gary Cahill held the ball out to the corner of the net after mihi batushay competed for the goal. ——9:47 p. m.
England and Belgium whistling and booing after failing in the first half at garriningrad, while Panama led Tunisia 1-1
In the ninth World Cup record 0-goal.
Left of Jose rodeitz
The 33-minute shot strayed from Yassin Meria, surpassing Tunisia\'s goalkeeper, Aimen matouti, to give the Panamanian a lead in seeking a first World Cup victory.
Last tournament record of Own-goals was six.
England and Belgium send reserves
Know that both teams have already reached the full team. ——8:25 p. m.
Tunisian goalkeeper Aymen Mathlouthi will make his debut at the World Cup, and when he starts in the team\'s group stage, he will not have any reserve players --
Last game against Panama
FIFA has rejected the Tunisian request to increase the goalkeeper after the team lost its second door --
Farouk Ben Mustafa
Injured from the tournament.
Ben Mustafa suffered a knee injury during this week\'s training and muez Hasen, who started the Tunisian opener, lost in the tournament with a shoulder injury.
Tunisia and Panama entered the game after two defeats and were out.
However, both sides have expressed an urgent need for at least one victory before leaving Russia.
Panama has never won the World Cup, and Tunisia won its last victory at the World Cup 40 years ago.
Mathlouthi is one of four Tunisian players who made their debut in the tournament.
Coach Nabil Malar has also chosen to give defenders Usama Hadidi and Lamy berdoni, as well as a chance to play for striker Garine Charley.
Panama coach Hernan Gomez has picked two new starters who have not yet played in Russia: defender Adolfo Machado and Luis avale.
Meanwhile, striker Gabriel Torres made his first appearance in the starting lineup 28 minutes after the opening of the Panama tournament.
Lineup: Panama: Jaime Pendo, Fidel Escobar, Roma Torres, Adolfo Machado, Luis avalai, Gabriel Gomez, Edgar
Tunisia: Aymen Mathlouthi, Yassine Meriah, Mohamed Haddadi, Lamy Bedoui, Hamdi Naguez, Ferjani Sassi, Ellyes Skhiri, Nguyen Ben Kumar, Wahbi Khazri, Ghaylen Chaaleli, Naim Sliti. ——8:15 p. m.
The World Cup knockout stage of the tactical battle position is in progress, in the G group between England and Belgium, the two teams have 17 lineup changes.
Harry Kane and Lukaku will have to wait for their ambitions for the golden boots of the World Cup.
England coach Gareth Southgate has made eight adjustments to his squad to defeat Panama.
In the last game in Russia
Belgian coach Roberto Martinez did better in nine games against Tunisia2.
For England, Danny Ross, Eric Deere, Jamie Wadi, Gary Cahill, Phil Jones, Fabian Delph, Marcus Rushford and 19-year-
Old Liverpool defender Trent Alexander
Arnold was recalled.
Only goalkeeper Jordan Pickford, defender John Stone and midfielder Reuben Loftus
Keep their place for England.
Martinez also holds the first place in Belgium.
Choosing the goalkeeper, said continuity in that position was important, but also kept the center-back Boyata.
Midfielder Eden Azal starts on the bench while his brother sogan starts.
Lukaku, who is recovering from a leg muscle injury, is on the bench.
Group G champion against Japan, Japan advanced to the first place.
Due to its excellent discipline record, Group H is not the 2 teams in Senegal.
Group G runners-
In the 16 rounds, Group H champion Colombia.
Lineup: England: Jordan Pickford, Danny Ross, Kieran Deere, John Stone, Jamie Wadi, Gary Cahill, Phil Jones
Trent Alexander\'s cheekArnold.
Belgium: Tibo courtova, Thomas Vermalen, maroon Felini, Sorgen Hazar, Yuri tiramans, Adnan——7:20 p. m.
The Brazilian team doctor said that the cause of the injury to the back of Marcelo may be caused by a soft mattress.
Dr. Rodrigo Rasma is on the team 2-
0 victory over Serbia, prompting Marcelo to leave the game earlier in the first half of the back spasm may be triggered by the mattress type used by the defender in the team hotel.
Lasmar made the comment, while denying rumors that the issue may be related to excessive physical training for Russian teams.
The Brazilian federation says Marcelo has recovered well from his injuries, but it is unclear whether he can play in the team\'s round. of-
The match against Mexico on Monday.
It said Marcelo was being treated and showed good improvement but did not give a timeline for his recovery.
10 minutes after the start of the race in Moscow, Marcelo had to be replaced. ——7 p. m.
Colombia goes ahead at the World Cup, Senegal goes out, it\'s the first team to be knocked out in the new finals, and whenever their players get a yellow or red card they punish
Yerry Mina scored in a 74-minute header for Colombia 1-
0 victory over Senegal and vault South America win the group from home.
Japan beat Senegal 1-1, ranking second.
0 loss because it accumulated 4 for the 6 yellow cards in Senegal.
This is the first time African teams have entered the knockout stage since 1982.
Colombia and Japan continue to fight against group G
Britain or Belgium.
Later on Thursday, the teams will be number one in their group. ——6:54 p. m.
Japan narrowly won in the World Cup knockout stage with a weak advantage after losing 1-1.
0 against Poland in the last group match.
In January, berdenlake scored the only goal of the game in 59 minutes, when he beat his marked hand on the far post and shot in a free spin
Kick from kural Kurzawa.
When Colombia beat Senegal 1-1, Japan could not lose another goal and insisted long enough
The other group H 0 people compete at the same time.
Colombia ranked first in the group by six points.
Japan and Senegal have the same score, difference and number of goals.
Japan\'s progress is due to the fact that it has fewer yellow cards than Senegal\'s.
After confirming that the team entered the knockout stage for the third time, Japanese fans cheered the team\'s defeat.
Poland has been eliminated. ——6:53 p. m.
Colombia and Japan have entered the World Cup knockout stage after the tense end of Group H.
Although Japan 1-
Poland loss-
Because of its disciplinary record.
Colombia beat Senegal 1-1
0 to the top of the group.
Colombia finished the game with six points.
The Japanese and Senegalese finished the game with 4 points, and they scored the same number of goals as the number of goals lost.
The next win is good for Japan because it has four yellow cards in the tournament and six yellow cards in Senegal.
Poland, which has been out of the game, won the first victory of the tournament. ——6:42 p. m.
Colombia took control of the World Cup group by scoring only a few minutes in Group H\'s simultaneous match, and Japan will win second place against Senegal in the runoff.
Yerry Mina scored in the header of the corner, Colombia in 1-
Leading 0 in the final group match against Senegal.
Mina skipped a pair of Senegalese defenders and passed the ball to Senegalese goalkeeper hadiem Ndiaye in 74 minutes.
Juan Quetta was assisted.
It was Mina\'s second goal in the game, which put enthusiastic Colombian fans into a frenzy at Samara Stadium.
Poland 1-Japan
0 in the synchronized match.
If the score remains the same, Senegal will quit the World Cup because it won more yellow cards than Japan. ——5:54 p. m.
Colombia has 45 minutes to go into the World Cup knockout phase and it will have to do so without James rodeitz.
The midfielder played only 31 minutes in the final group match against Senegal in Samara, with a 0-0 draw. 0 at the half.
Teammate Radamel Falcao patted him on the back, and Rhodes slowly walked down the court with his head down and headed straight to the dressing room.
Louis Muriel took over from him.
Rod rigz has been dealing with calf injuries and pain, which has prevented him from participating in the tournament in Colombia
Opening loss to Japan
His 3-2 assists in Colombia
Beat Poland Sunday 0.
He scored six goals and four assists in eight World Cup matches.
Colombia needs at least one point to qualify for 16 rounds.
Senegal will end the game with a draw, both Japan and already-
Eliminated Poland in Volgograd——5:49 p. m.
Japan and Poland 0-
In their last group stage of the World Cup, they had a half-time break.
Japan created most of the opportunities in the first half, and most of his team\'s offensive was centered on Muto Yoshinori.
Muto is one of six changes in the starting lineup of the game.
Japan needs a point in Volgograd to ensure its progress, regardless of Senegal.
The Colombian race in Samara at the same time.
However, Poland was closest to the lead in 32 minutes, and goalkeeper Eiji Kawashima did a good job of keeping it in good shape
Guided header from Kamil Grosicki.
Before diving, Chuandao caught the ball in a safe place before the ball crossed the door.
Poland has pulled out of the first two Group H matches against Senegal and Colombia. ——5:48 p. m.
Japan and Senegal are expected to enter the World Cup knockout phase, and Colombia will return home after not scoring in the first half of Group H\'s final match.
Poland and Japan are 0-
So far, 0 points in Volgograd, Senegal and Colombia have achieved the same in Samara.
Japan and Senegal each scored 4 points, and will advance to the next round with a draw.
Colombia is three points behind, and it will take at least a draw to continue. ——5:30 p. m.
Senegal was rejected for the first time
The referee fined half a penalty for Colombia, but after a video review, officials overturned the penalty.
Serbia\'s referee Milad maziqi pointed out the penalty point as defender davenson Sanchez beat Senegal\'s Sadio Marne near the 16-minute penalty point.
But officials overturned the call after checking the video, confirming that Sanchez had touched the ball on his heels before touching the horse.
Colombia needs at least one draw to move into the World Cup knockout phase, and a draw will guarantee Senegal\'s progress. ——5:15 p. m.
The German team scored very low.
The key is awkward first and then home-
At the end of the World Cup, coach Loew\'s future may be uncertain for several days.
Luff and his team landed in Frankfurt, and Captain Manuel told reporters that the players were \"very angry\" with themselves and insisted that the defeat was \"not related to the coach \".
Germany\'s defeat to South Korea ended the chance of defending the title in 2014, making Loew\'s team the fourth defending champion of the last five World Cups and eliminated in the group stage.
German Federal President Reinhard grinder said a preliminary analysis of Germany\'s failure will be conducted next week, \"and then I expect the coach to talk about his future.
Loff\'s contract will last until 2022.
Loff said, \"it takes a little bit further --
There needs to be a clear change in taking steps, and now we have to discuss how to do that.
He gave no details. ——4:30 p. m.
Okizaki was included in one of six changes in Japan\'s starting lineup in the last World Cup group match against Poland.
Coach Akira Nishino has made some changes when it comes to the need to pick a team that can cope with the heat of the Volgograd Arena.
Japan needs to avoid failure in order to enter 16 rounds.
Polish coach Adam navaraka made five changes to the team\'s goal of ending the losing streak.
After losing two games in Group H, Poland has been eliminated.
Including goalkeeper Fabianski.
Lineup: Japan: Eiji of Kawaguchi, Nagatomo of yito, Gaku of Shiqi, episode of Okazaki gods, Usami Takashi, Muto Yoshinori, Yamaguchi aru hot
Poland: lucaz Fabianski, January, berdenrik, Jacques Golski, Robert levandovsky, glazgoz krijoy,——–4:13 p. m.
Carlos Sanchez returned to Colombia\'s squad after a red card game, and he had three minutes in Colombia --
Opening loss to Japan
Coach Jose peekman dedicated the team\'s victory in the second game to Sanchez, who reportedly received death threats.
Senegalese coach Aliou Cisse made three changes in the final match, adding midfielder Petr Cech Hou and defender Laming GA to the group final at Samara Stadium
Colombia ranks third after Japan and Senegal, and at least draws are required to move forward.
The result of the draw will guarantee the passage of Senegal.
Lineup: Colombia: David Ospina, San Diego Arias, Carlos Sanz, Radamel Falcao, James roderiz, Juan quadado
Senegal: hadiam Ndiaye, Kalidou curibari, Idrisa Gana Guye, Sarif Smari, Sadio Ma——3:55 p. m.
Iran\'s national team was hit after two top strikers announced they would retire from the national team. The 23-year-
After no goal in any of the World Cup\'s three group matches in Iran, old Sadar Azun became the target of countless insults on social media.
Azmoun said his mother had recovered from a serious illness, but the insult caused the disease to break out again.
He wrote on Instagram that between football and his mother, \"I chose my mother. ”The 30-year-
Old Reza gorozhard said he will also leave the national team.
He was an unused substitute in all three games.
Ghoochjhad said \"my thoughts, my personality and my pride do not allow me\" to wear the shirt of the Iranian national team again. ——3:45 p. m.
Brazil says Marcelo has recovered well from a back injury, but it\'s not clear if he can play in the team\'s round. of-
The match against Mexico on Monday.
The Brazilian federation said Marcelo was being treated and showed good improvement but did not give a timetable for his recovery.
Marcelo must be replaced 2 minutes later in Brazil
0 victory over Serbia in Moscow.
He limped away from the stadium and the federal said it was a back spasm. ——2:10 p. m.
Former German national team captain Matai said that after the World Cup group stage, the team \"some things have to change\"stage exit.
With Germany following 2-
In the game where the defending champion was eliminated, Matus said: \"We missed the team spirit.
Everything was good in Brazil four years ago and now everything is bad in Russia and I think the team is flying to Germany now.
Asked if coach Loff should quit, Matt aeus said, \"there is no doubt that something has to be changed because Germany\'s performance in Russia is not worth it.
Whether it was Loew who made the mistake or which player made the mistake, I think everyone played a role in it.
Matthaeus was captain at the time.
West Germany won the World Cup in 1990. ——2 p. m.
FIFA President Gianni Infantino has been elusive during the World Cup, but he made a brief exception on Thursday.
Infantino held a football exhibition with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Red Square and had a short conversation with reporters. He said, \"the whole world has seen what a wonderful party and celebration we have here.
\"Before the World Cup, Infantino spoke to reporters at the Fifa general assembly for the last time.
Infantino praised the event as \"beautiful, incredible, great celebration, great competition, perfect organization, hospitable country\" and said it would increase the interest of Russian football. ——12:55 p. m.
Kevin de Bruen joked that he had invited some of Manchester City\'s teammates to his birthday party.
On Thursday, his Belgian team was 27 years old in the World Cup match against England at Gary ningler.
De Bruen said on Twitter that he had invited some club teammates to his party.
The tweet includes photos of Rahim Stirling, John Stone, Fabian Delph and Kyle Walker, all of whom are players from Manchester City.
It remains to be seen whether they meet on the court.
Both teams are already eligible for 16 rounds, and Belgian coach Roberto Martinez says the use of players with yellow cards is \"unprofessional \".
Debone is one of them.
The second yellow card means Belgium will be absent from the next game. ——
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