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The pillow that lets you sleep anywhere

by:OPeREAL     2019-09-08
The disc-
Shape NapAnywhere pillow is a portable foldable foam structure that can be twisted into shape and roost between the head and shoulders, allowing you to sleep while traveling on a plane, train as a passenger, bus and car.
The pillow comes with a strap that is reclined in your chest and tightened to keep it in place.
Its upper ears can be shaped behind your face, chin and head for extra support, although its central part should be as close to your neck as possible, the flaps at the bottom should be folded down to grab the shoulder. The disc-
Pillow shape (napanywhere. net)
Once in place, your head can be adjusted forward or backward to get more support for the chin or the back of the head.
Made of a \"strong and flexible internal skeleton, covered with comfortable foam liner\", wrapped in a \"high
Quality fabric \", said to be a unique pillow with U-
The shaped neck pillow, which can be \"too bulky\" and \"feel claustrophobic\" when wrapped around your neck, is small enough to fit into a briefcase or laptop.
NapAnywhere for $59 (£36)
, By letting the neck muscles relax, let you fall asleep \"effectively\" in the position where you sit upright.
It was created by Virginia.
Dr. Ravi Shamaiengar, MD, master\'s degree in anatomy and bachelor\'s degree in chemistry.
After Sports
The associated damage made it difficult to sleep on the plane and in the car, and he decided to make a more supportive pillow than it already has on the market and began designing NapAnywhere pillows.
The pillow debuted at the Virginia inventor Forum Expo in 2012 and was launched on Kickstarter in 2013 to raise money for its production.
He won the Product Innovation Award at 2014 International Tourism Fair.
\"As a doctor, I try to make an impact on people\'s lives every day.
I really believe that I can help more people than ever by taking a nap. \"Dr. Shamaiengar said in an interview with Kickstart art.
NapAnywhere pillows are connected to a range of other portable pillows previously known as travelers offering respite opportunities.
Earlier this year, B.
The tourist belt is a strange device made of elastic fabric between two aircraft seat headrests, claiming to allow air passengers to \"eat quietly, read books, watch movies and sleep in their own private area, don\'t be disturbed.
By connecting the center point of the bottom edge of the band, the band provides a place to rest the head while sleeping.
It is said that the product is light weight, easy to pack and assemble, and can accommodate aircraft seats for several seats. The b-tourist band (designboom. com)
In 2012, Ostrich bird pillow, developed by River Village-
Ganjavian, a building and design studio with offices in Madrid and Lausanne, claims to be \"able to take a nap anytime, anywhere\", including in the airport lounge and on-board, against the adverse effects of Jetslag and long-haul flights. The bizarre-
It looks like the pillow has a hole in the head and a hole in the mouth that makes it easy for the wearer to breathe.
It also has two side holes where you can store your hands.
Ostrich Pillow (
Ganghawi village)
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