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The sleeping aids that could SUFFOCATE your baby: Cushioned sleeping pods, nests, baby hammocks and cot bumpers are all risks to your newborn, warn experts

by:OPeREAL     2019-08-30
Experts warn that popular baby sleep products sold on the streets may increase the risk of crib death.
A cushion of sleep pods, nests, baby hammocks and baby crib bumpers could pose a risk of suffocation for babies under 12 months, according to the ecstasy Trust.
The soft surface is related to the death of the crib as they make it more difficult for the baby to lose its body temperature and maintain a safe temperature.
As a result, devices widely used in stores such as Mother Care and John Lewis do not meet the charity\'s safer sleep guidelines.
In Britain, about 200 babies die each year from sudden infant death syndrome.
The exact reason is not clear, but studies have shown that sleeping on anything but a solid, flat surface increases the risk.
Charities dedicated to reducing small islands say many devices
One out of every three new parents uses
Made by trusted brands.
But it says some manufacturers have made inaccurate statements about the safety of their products, such as its \"breath-holding\" or its claim that it is a \"soft and safe place for babies to sleep\"
A recent survey of more than 2,800 people found that 9 out of 10 parents said it was important for baby equipment to comply with safer sleep advice.
But the same poll, commissioned by the charity, found that more than four out of ten people planning to buy sleep nests or pods (41 per cent ).
Both of these go against the advice that the baby should sleep on a solid, perfectly flat, waterproof surface.
Many sleep aids have soft sides that can be fatal if the baby is trapped there.
Soft, heavy bedding if the baby turns over or the face is covered, it may cause overheating or potentially hindering their airway.
Experts warn that it may be difficult for parents to know which products are safe for their children because there are no safety standards specifically related to SIDS.
But what the charity suggests all parents really need is a crib with a sturdy, flat, waterproof mattress and a portable sleeping space like a Moses basket or travel bed, baby sleeping bags or sheets and blankets are available.
Francine Bates, CEO of the ecstasy Trust, said: \"As a SIDS charity, we are concerned about products that run counter to safer sleep advice
\"When parents try to choose from the large number of baby products offered, it is difficult for them to do so, and many people reasonably assume, if an item is sold on the street or by which it is a recognized brand, it is safe for their children.
When choosing sleep items for babies, parents actually only need some key essentials, there is no need to spend a lot of money on a lot of products, and there is no need to choose a more expensive brand.
Professor Viv Bennett, UK director of public health care, said: \"We have produced a product guide and related resources to help parents have confidence in knowing what to look for when choosing a sleep program for their children . \" \"It is critical to ensure that parents have the right information to protect their children\'s safety, and this resource will help when parents choose equipment or products for their children.
\"We always encourage parents to discuss any issues or questions with midwives or health visitors who can provide advice and sign on information about safer sleep . \".
A spokesman for John Lewis said: \"We take the health and safety considerations of all the products we sell very seriously, which is why we only store sleep products that comply with all relevant legislation in the UK and the EU
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