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The Soho Farmhouse for DOGS! How a luxury hotel complete with rose petal baths, chef-cooked meals and EVIAN water fountains gives pampered pets their own holiday when their owners are away (and it\'s only £60 a night)

by:OPeREAL     2019-09-01
Aromatherapy bath, Japanese massage and 24-hour massage
Guests of this boutique hotel can enjoy the hourly housekeeping service.
However, this picturesque surrounding Village Resort in Surrey Headley Court is not the latest celebrity party or adventure at Soho House group.
Lord Buckley is a super. luxe hotel. . .
Specially for dogs.
When their host is out on vacation, the beloved pooches are sent to their own resort, spend time with afternoon tea, and take a nap in the living room --
Walk in the spacious garden.
Although-list service -including made-to-
Order meals and toiletries for premium beauty products-
The stay at Lord Barkley Inn is £ 60 per night. The first-
First Class service starts at home where the designated driver can collect dogs from the front door.
Unlike other hotels that ship dogs in cages behind the van, Lord Barkley Jr. uses the Range Rover Sports team, where dogs can sit on comfortable pillows.
Careful selection
The Up service makes it a perfect choice for high-profile or high-net worth people who may wish to keep their precious pet\'s location confidential.
Upon arrival, team members greet the owner
In the uniform of Ralph Lauren, Barber and Le Chameau
They confirm that there may be any need for their dog.
The pre-filled booking form gives the hotel time to prepare personal bedding and daily necessities for each guest.
As explained by the website: \"We offer customized services.
Let the hotel stay and reproduce your dog\'s daily life at home as much as we can so he/she doesn\'t have time to miss home.
\"Lord Barkley Jr. has limited permanent staff to less than 5 and dog guests to a maximum of 15, ensuring a personal experience for both visitors and owners.
As is expected of such a luxury hotel, only the best food is served to the guests.
Customers can ask the chef to eat three meals a day, made of meat from high end shops in London such as Whole Foods, Harrods and Fortnum & Mason.
Other dog food is available from 5 to 7 a day.
Every Friday, a dog bakery provides delicious food for afternoon tea parties, including healthy sandwiches, cakes and food for the dog King --
All made of the best organic ingredients in the UK.
In order to keep guests hydrated, the hotel is full of fountains flowing from the French Alps.
Hotel instructions, the pH value of bottled water is 7.
2 is the perfect choice for the best dog health.
If your dog happens to be there on their special day, the hotel is happy to order a \"delicious dog cake\" called \"delicious dog cake \"--
Favorite taste
Attention to detail extends to downtime.
The owner can fully enjoy a £ 40 Japanese Ofuro bath massage, which can see furry customers lying in the warm water sprinkled with petals and massaging with Niels yard and Esso\'s aromatherapy oil
Before going to bed, the staff plays classical music to help guests relax before going to bed.
No uncomfortable cage can curl up overnight, on the contrary, dogs can sleep like if they want to sleep, whether it\'s on a couch or on a dog bed, in a blanket, even on the floor, with friends.
For those who need extra attention, the owner can pay £ 75a-night for a 24-
Hour nanny, she will be by your dog during the day or at night.
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