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The ultimate American road trip with Daniella Moyles

by:OPeREAL     2019-09-01
I like traveling.
There are 189 to 196 countries on Earth, depending on the source of your reading, and for now I have only explored 30 of them.
There is a map of the world on my bedroom wall, a pin for each location, and each pin represents some very big memories. . .
Every morning, this map excites me, imagining all the places I haven\'t seen yet, and all the people I haven\'t met yet.
Sometimes I wake up to daydream about Tokyo and create the feeling or smell of the city at that exact moment.
Other times, from east and west to Alaska, will be monks or Eskimos from Nepal or the African plains.
I think it is this awareness of the world that keeps me wandering forever.
Since I was old enough to explore the world on my own, the trip I started has gone off the beaten track.
It all started with a summer, this summer living in sagels, a small village of surf so far in the South --
In western Portugal, you may fall off this continent.
I have seen some unforgettable things since then.
I sit in a volcanic spring in the center of the Icelandic lava field, covered with silicon mud from head to foot;
Talking to Israelis and Palestinians on both sides of the wall; whale-
Watch the sunset from the easternmost end of Australia;
Help local fishermen catch up with my dinner in Santorini, Greece;
The Elephant Sanctuary in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand is infected with dengue fever;
Feel the unforgettable air still shrouded in Auschwitz, Poland;
From San Diego to San Francisco, along the Pacific coast, driving wild horses on Highway 101, there is no doubt that I can tell you that there are the most comfortable pillows for Esse airlines in all aviation fields.
I have been with my boyfriend Dara for more than two years.
I fell in love with many of his charming, kind and interesting qualities.
It\'s easy to happen.
We are well suited in many ways, not including our desire for travel-the only topic that is quite the opposite of ours.
His roaming story extends to an article, not something he prioritizesLeaving Cert J-
Three years ago, while it sounded outrageous, I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and visited the LGBT Hope orphanage in Tanzania between our first and second date.
We are a unique pair in this regard.
The city break for the weekend and a couple of short sunshine holidays took two years, a little bit further each time and a little less planned, eventually raising a big question: can we continue to take the risk and let him accept the idea that I decided not to recommend camping in the South American rainforest or traveling to India.
I thought a barrel.
The regular list may adjust his interest to restore fond J-
Memories that help me to work hard.
This is a trip I always wanted to go.
A road trip across the United States, the West Coast to the east coast, between the two, the Dirty South can provide everything.
If I encounter any resistance from him, I have an inspirational list of travel offers ready to be released, but not.
He likes the idea very much.
He liked it, although in fact I showed it to him a few weeks before the suggested departure date.
It never looked so good.
On April 17, we brought one-
Airline tickets and vague route plans.
We arrived in Los Angeles very late and spent our first night at the tourist hotel near Los Angeles International Airport.
This is a time capsule in my 80 s and everything in mahogany has a neon side.
Both of us have been in Los Angeles before, so we would love to move to the unseen ranch.
The next morning, I woke up too early. I had butterflies in my stomach and wanted to have breakfast.
I am an avid cafe besides traveling
Hunter, breakfast is the only meal I really care about. After a catch-
We had an omelet at the Food Lab on Santa Monica Avenue with some friends from Los Angeles, we filled the rental car with luggage and junk food and then set off for Palm Springs.
First stop, Cochella festival.
It\'s hard to describe the next three awesome, magical, sparkling days, but I\'ll do my best.
In a dry, dusty desert with endless palm trees, it is one of the biggest festivals in the world.
Hot weather and cloudless blue sky.
It works like a clock, no traffic jams, no mud, no nonsense.
From the moment you enter your convenient parking space or jump off the free shuttle, this is a 5-
Walk along the path of flowers for a minute until you walk into something that can only be described as real --life Avatar.
The festival is full of colors, smells and sounds.
There are beautiful, ingenious commissioned works of art, a variety of food and music everywhere.
The whole place was perfect and spotless throughout the weekend.
During the day there was a pool party in the hotel because the weather was too hot to camp despite the option.
Starting at about three o\'clock P. M. , our main question is to decide which incredible show to watch next.
My favorite memory is to lie on the beach, look at the stars, listen to Bonobo playing and have dumplings filled in my belly.
Oh, the toilet never lined up.
On Monday morning after the festival, we were in a good mood and had some sunburn.
We packed up our bags, stocked up our supplies and hit the road again, with Howard Stern on the company Radio.
On the way to Las Vegas, it took four hours to drive past desert hills and abandoned gas stations in the valley of death.
We stayed at the Venetian hotel and went straight to the full Vegas-
Enjoy a cheese dinner at the Eiffel Tower restaurant.
A glass of overpriced wine is worth it as it overlooks the Bellagio fountain erupting every 30 minutes, which makes everyone happy.
One of the few things we planned before we set out for the trip was one night at the infamous Penn and Taylor magic show.
They were not disappointed.
Their performances are smart and charming, and after the show, they greet every audience in the hall.
We won\'t say the next roulette legend.
What I\'m going to say is Las Vegas 1: dara0.
Part of the day is people.
Watch at Gaby mon ami, the best place on this street, then fly fast to Houston, Texas, and skip a desolate day --
Driving through New Mexico for a long time.
Everything is important in Texas.
Houston is a huge, huge city that can\'t sail without a car.
The food is in large portions, but delicious, with biscuits or grains for each dish.
I would love to have a bowl of beer, so this is the first port of call, at the Hay merchant on weistemer Road.
We went to Nasa casually!
The Johnson Space Center is located in Houston and is open to the public.
The space program was completed by the Obama administration in 2010, but they are currently working on the Orion spacecraft, which will send astronauts to Mars around 2020.
We have to look at work. in-
Progress the Orion spacecraft and a real, huge space shuttle, and visit the abandoned mission control center that manned the 1969 moon landing-which is too excited for both of us.
The days ahead will be easier.
We drove to Galveston beach in the Gulf of Mexico for tortillas and frozen cream frozen, and after riding a bullet on the Kemah Boardwalk, we quickly regretted it, honestly, it was the most terrible thing ever
I found that the best retro shopping in Houston is on West 19 th Street, the most delicious and delicious --
Watering steak is a Japanese marble fillet found at the Pappas Bros steakhouse, and the first location for breakfast is a hidden gem on Yale Street.
Back on the way, it\'s just over five hours drive from Houston to New Orleans, Luis Anna.
There is no doubt that one of my favorite stops on my trip, an infectious place where I can stay.
With or without carnival, the city is full of beads of all colors, live jazz spilled from coffee shops, bars and restaurants onto the street, and the loudest was Bourbon Street, of course.
Oysters or crocodiles seem to be the preferred dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and everyone can cycle anywhere.
According to the custom, we took the last two bikes from the art district bike rental company and explored the vibrant French District, stopped to bargain and picked up rubbish from the market, go to the world coffee and taste the infamous coffee and beer.
That night, we ventured out of town to Slade, a small town on the Pearl River, just upstream of Honey Island Swamp in the state of Luis Anna.
There, we visited the Everglades, quiet but weird, with only the sound of crickets and Spanish moss hanging on all the trees.
We saw snakes, pigs, pelicans, Peckers and alligators who, by the way, enjoyed eating hot dogs and marshmallow.
In the evening, the best place in New Orleans is French Street, known for live music and street traders who sell their handsmade art.
We looked through the booth and listened to the original jazz version of Nirvana, which smelled like a teenager\'s spiritual drama across the road. What a city!
The weekend we were in town was particularly vibrant because the New Orleans Jazz Festival was in full swing.
Everyone we met told us it was a must so we ended up buying two
One minute ticket and Saturday listening to gospel music and Phish before departure to the next stop.
I drove north across the state of Luis Anna to Jackson, Mississippi.
As a nine-year-old, I can\'t go anywhere near Britney Spears\'s hometown. After a self-
At the nyala burger basket in one of Britney\'s favorite restaurants, guided tours and over-excited stops, we started walking north again.
Now, if you want to go to ghost town, be sure to go to Jackson on Sunday.
This is the bible strip, no shops and restaurants open, no one, no cars, nothing!
It\'s just a breeze and a big, empty city.
The only thing Jackson had to do on a Sunday was to go to mass, so we attended the ceremony at the First Baptist Church.
It is very delicate.
A big choir, a live orchestra, five people.
Operating camera, two sound engineers, two layers-to-
Ceiling screens on both sides of the altar and the ability of thousands of people to gather, each with a leather seatbound Bible.
The priest spoke for nearly two hours, and then we took a Bible exercise, where the children randomly found the Bible scriptures in less than 8 seconds-impressive and frightening at the same time.
A rare, quiet day
The crowded itinerary means we leave Jackson for the night life in Tennessee.
Memphis is the birthplace of blues and barbecues and is a whirlwind from start to finish, Grace land is our first choicedo list.
Walking around the fully maintained home of Elvis Presley is a strange inspiration.
The decor is quirky, but every room feels private and has a lot of home-cooked items such as family photos.
We saw the piano that Elvis played the morning of his death, and the meditation garden that he buried with his parents.
His achievements in music, entertainment and humanitarian work left endless plaques and awards on the wall.
We all left more fans than we did.
Interested in learning more about Elvis, we drove to Sun Studio on Union Avenue to watch their last trip.
This place is responsible for the recording of countless musical legends like Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Roy Obi-Sen.
The studio was opened by a man named Sam Phillips, where Elvis recorded his first record for $3.
Less than a year later, when Sam sent his first single to an unconventional rock DJ named Dewey Phillips, Elvis had his first radio show, it didn\'t matter, he played 14 times in a row
You can still record there so far.
The rooms on site are the same as when they were in their 50 s and they are currently using Larry Mullen\'s old drum kit for meetings.
By the way, I only remember all this information because our guide was very funny and wonderful!
If we want a real deal, he also advises us to try the Central BBQ in downtown Memphis, and he\'s not wrong.
The queue is just around the corner, but it\'s worth it.
We were almost so busy that we had a blues night on bill Street, but when we saw the neon lights it was burning like a moth.
The next day we went to the location where Martin Luther King was assassinated-the Lorraine Motel.
The rooms he stayed in and the motel itself are now part of the National Museum of civil rights, all keeping what he looked like during his last visit.
From Memphis to Nashville, Brooklyn, South.
We live in Hillsboro Village, a cultural point in the city center.
There is a place called pancake food room, which serves 23 different kinds of pancakes.
This is the real mindblowing.
On our first day in Nashville, we spent about five hours at a small antique shop on Forrest Avenue called hip zip.
I left with two of the most beautiful bargains and a tortured boyfriend.
To make up for that, I suggest we go to red-in Nashville-
Light area, a small street full of fairy lights and show girl signs.
It was an experience but the rain started and we were looking for some suitable Nashville country music.
The city is famous for its honor.
Down bar on Broadway Street.
They look miniature, ancient and inappropriate under the shadow of the city\'s heights. rise buildings.
There is no misleading outside because inside, they are crowded, packed with people dangling from the raf, with potato chips and beer everywhere, and the live country is playing loudly
After the madness, we found a quirky cocktail and snack bar called The Patterson House, which brought out the bell in our ears.
Perfect start the next day.
We met a very recommended restaurant called Monell\'s, which is the best one --
You can ask for an authentic Southern dining experience in style.
There is absolutely no mobile phone here. you are sitting at a big table for 10 people.
There was no order.
The best choice for Southern cuisine was spread as soon as it arrived.
This is my favorite restaurant on the whole trip because we had a lot of food.
We visited Franklin after our adventure in Nashville.
Just 20 minutes from the city, a quaint, sleepy Southern town with antique shops, small boutiques, eclectic cafes, bookstores and art galleries.
Then our last stop was another flight from New York City.
We stayed in Queens at the newly opened Paper Mill Hotel, three subway stations from Manhattan.
In terms of location and value, this is the best place I have ever stayed in New York-the hotel is known for its low price.
This is Dara\'s first visit to the city, so the usual tourist attractions are ticked.
We visited Times Square and NBC Studios, visited the views at the top of Rockefeller Center, and paid tribute at the 9/11 Memorial.
That night we went to Broadway to watch a musical Book of Mormon, and Dara somehow got tickets a few weeks ago, which was a miracle because the show was sold out
I\'m not a big fan of musicals, but it was created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, who are also in charge of South Park, which is so funny.
They won 9 Tony Awards, but I think they deserve 90.
Waking up in New York must be the best feeling in the world.
Have breakfast in SoHo, then fight with men on Canal Street, give you $20 fake designer crap, and then have dinner in the dream meat packing area.
Dara and I are comedy fans, so we stayed for two nights in a row in the comedy basement, where there were threedrinks-per-
At least, it usually leads to a great night.
What Dara wants to do in New York is eat pizza and all I want to do is eat sushi, but I can\'t find a table anywhere.
Sushi Yasuda is the best in the city and is always booked out.
I was harassing them until they allowed us in.
It\'s super authentic and they don\'t accept tips because it doesn\'t match Japanese culture.
The last day of the trip arrived.
Full of the coming
We are in real anxiety.
Pack up your luggage, visit Dominic Ansel\'s bakery-the home of Cronut-and cross the bridge to Brooklyn.
We found the best coffee in the swallow cafe on bojia Street and some of the very reasonably priced thrift stores.
Vintage stores in New York are usually more expensive than regular stores, so this is a great discovery.
In fact, we almost missed our flight home.
Later, we took a quick and furious taxi to JFK airport, with our teeth, we all of a sudden read Cala magazine with cloda McKenna scone and a cup of tea just like we never left
Every adventure enriches the soul and has a deeper mind, but, of all my travels so far, this one is my favorite so far.
Here\'s the next one.
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