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Three secrets to a good night\'s sleep

by:OPeREAL     2019-08-17
Every time I tell my friend that my mattress has been around for decades
Their eyes open and back pain.
This repetitive facial expression prompted me to think, yes, there may be a connection.
Another clue was my recent experience sleeping on a very comfortable hotel mattress.
My husband tried to pry my finger off the corner of the mattress but I refused to give in.
I want to live there.
It\'s time to buy a new mattress.
This is exactly what the education department of the Virginia Alexander International Sleep Products Association-better sleep committee told me.
Every morning, a comfortable sleep away from home is a big reminder that my mattress is out of date.
In fact, if I follow my warranty, it\'s been a while since my mattress.
While a warranty of about 10 years may be good, they usually cover defects rather than comfort or support.
After five to seven years, Comfort began to decline.
\"The tattered mattress is like an old running shoe,\" said Bert Jacobson, a professor of health and human performance at orkama State University.
\"It lost support and comfort. \" (Health. com\'s mattress-Shopping Guide)
It failed, too.
Important neutral test
According to Scott baochi, an ergonomic expert and former president of the Occupational Health Council of the American Chiropractic Association, chiropractor, \"The goal is to keep your spine neutral.
If your mattress bends your spine up and down, this is not healthy for blood circulation or muscle rest.
\"Americans know a lot about unhealthy rest.
7 of our 10 people have trouble sleeping (
I am definitely one of them as I have thought of 3 or 4. m.
Reading time)
According to the National Sleep Foundation.
Pain, pregnancy, menopause, or insomnia can make sleep a memory of childhood.
Not completely snooze--
Seven to nine hours a night. -makes for less-than-
Delicious breakfast.
What is more serious is the health impact of insomnia: it shakes the mind and may increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, viral diseases, heart disease and depression. (Health.
Com: identifying sleep disorders)
Of course, the mattress is not a miracle. D.
Director of Stanford University\'s Center for Human Sleep Research.
\"The tiny contribution of the mattress is the surface that does not cause pain and stress to the muscles, which allows you to lie comfortably.
\"Still, for these skinny ach bones, even if a good tray is not a medical breakthrough, it sounds advanced to lie comfortably.
It sounds simple, too.
However, shopping for mattresses is another matter.
When I first got into the local mattress store, I realized that I had to lie on many mattresses.
Under the fluorescent lamp
In front of the right salesman who speaks continuously.
On my first try I wore a dress and when I slipped from one side to the other I was thinking more about the length of the dress than the comfort of the mattress.
I am not satisfied with the salesman\'s problem either.
Do I like soft beds or hard beds?
Do I want a queen or a king? Foam or coil?
Do I want to spend a large amount of my son\'s college fund, or do I want to be a little cheaper?
I realize I don\'t know at all.
Scott D says it\'s nice to know what kind of mattress is out there, but the only thing that really matters is comfortBoden, M. D.
Director of the Emory orthopaedic and Spine Center in Atlanta, Georgia.
\"There is no mattress for everyone.
\"Of course, hada, the blonde, will deal with it.
She\'s been trying something new.
It turns out my husband is not.
Just as it took me a long time to introduce my spouse to the habit of eating in bed (
Since then, he has become accustomed to the feeling of a little bread while sleeping)
The idea of a new bed was resisted.
He finally agreed to buy a mattress but did not agree to shop.
This hesitation is not uncommon.
\"Women are the main buyers of mattresses,\" said Leona Wightman, vice president of sales at Hoffman Manor Serta International, Illinois.
\"They are the ones who suffer.
\"According to the National Sleep Foundation, most women sleep less than 7 hours on average, and there are more difficulties sleeping and maintaining sleep than their spouses.
So I\'m on my own.
When I was running from the store to the store-
Wear trousers this time--
I am determined to find happiness.
I took off my shoes and climbed up the mattress one by one.
I tested a combination of Coil, foam and two-
Side airbags.
The air is easily lost (
Just touch a button on the head of the mattress)
But I have to get up from the bed and take something that looks like a hairdryer to re-inflate it.
I jump on the coil and sometimes sink and sometimes bang.
I try memory foam.
First of all, the salesman asked me to put my hand into the simulated foam glove so I could feel how cool it was.
Then, when I was in the position of the fetus, he was bashing his competitors and letting me know that I was an easy-to-be fool to buy what they were offering.
I lay on my back.
\"How many stores have you been? \" he asks.
Even though social communication is strange, I registered one thing: I like two beds.
A coil system like a fruit cake (
Pillow Top, foam, air, Coil)
About $2,200.
Another is memory.
Foam model, let me feel buffered in the right position, not too little, not too much ---
Aside from the $2,400 price tag, this makes me feel a bit high.
But as David Perry, executive editor and mattress writer of the weekly trade publication Furniture Today in Greensboro, North Carolina, said, \"How wonderful it is to have a heavenly cocoon.
What will you pay for that experience?
What did you pay for a good night\'s sleep?
\"Well, according to Furniture Today magazine, 56% of us are willing to pay $1,000 or more for this peace.
I went to the next dealer, like I was going to space, and we found my perfect sleep number in the air.
Find it, a sale-
Man let me say when I feel good
When he released air from the mattress through the remote control, he was supported.
I have 20 options, he explained ---
It\'s like 20 beds, he said.
We looked at a screen image of my body on the bed and the red spots were highpressure areas. I\'m on my back.
I never sleep with my back, but it makes me feel polite today.
My lower spine is in pain for a long time and the screen is bright red.
The salesperson turned up my sleep number until my whole spine was red.
Although the bed was comfortable, I didn\'t like having so many options.
By the time I climbed up the bed, I had finished the selection.
Then I made the most brilliant moment of my life: I called the hotel, where there was a dream bed that allowed me to take part in the hunt in the first place.
The deal, right? Uh-uh.
The name of the mattress manufacturer for the hotel bed is different from the retail bed, even if the mattress is basically the same.
I don\'t want to open a hotel, I call a shop owner who sells the same brand.
He found its retail equivalent and presto!
Within a week, a big, fat mattress came. I love it.
My husband likes it very much.
Like a blonde girl, I finally found a bed that was \"just right.
\"Just like your mattress, your pillow is an important part of the most critical moments of the day.
Many of us are taking a nap (or not)
With the bad excuse of pillow
First, the average life of the pillow is two years;
After that, it can\'t provide the support you need to sleep.
Frequent washing can also cause losses, and the life of the pillow may be reduced by one year.
And then all the choices.
How do you know which pillow is best for you?
We shipped 20 pillows to our expert, Mr. Jeffrey Goldstein. D.
He is an assistant professor in plastic surgery and spinal surgery.
Surgical specialist at the New York University Joint Disease Hospital.
He tested fluffy, flat, water.
Fill, drop, and foam to find the material that best suits the way you sleep.
Whether you\'re on your side, on your back or on your sleeper, supporting your neck in the most natural position is really important, Goldstein said.
Here are some tips for his pillow happiness. Back sleepers.
\"They will be more comfortable in a medium way --firm pillow. \"Side sleepers.
\"In a medium way, they will have easier rest --
A sturdy pillow that hugs and supports the neck.
\"Lying abdomen.
\"For Stomach sleepers, a soft pillow with a gentle slope is the best.
\"The key to a peaceful night?
In a neutral position.
When it comes to sleep, neutrality means a position that supports a funky way of your spine shape ---
The neck and lower back bend forward and swing back in the middle.
The neutral position is the same as the good standing position, which is a good sleeping position.
That\'s why there\'s a fuss when looking for mattresses and pillows that keep the spine aligned and stressed correctly --free.
\"Imagine holding your wrist back for a while.
\"It\'s very unnatural and uncomfortable,\" said Roger Smith, a sleep expert at Harvard Medical School . \".
\"Without proper support, your spine will feel the same way.
\"Here\'s how to find neutrality. Back sleepers.
If you have lower back pain, there is a small flat pillow under your knee that will help you bend naturally. Side sleepers.
Pillows between knees can help keep the pressure on the hips. Tummy sleepers.
If you have to sleep behind this
The unfriendly way is to put a flat pillow under your belly to help keep the natural curve of your spine.
Supplementary Report by Valerie Kramer Davis.
Special editor Dorothy Watts
Gray used her bed as a sofa, study and dining room.
Oh, she\'s sleeping there now.
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