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Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Adam Scott together again for 1st time in 5 years at TPC Boston

by:OPeREAL     2019-08-20
-The only thing that hasn\'t changed after five years is the name.
Tiger Woods, Phil Mikelson and Adam Scott are in the same group in the first round of the Deutsche Bank Championship, starting with the kick-off on Friday morning on the 10 th, then play before the Boston game on Saturday afternoon.
The last time the trio were put together, the stakes were completely different from the venue. It was the U. S.
Not the FedEx Cup playoffs.
It is the Pacific coastline along the Tori pine trees, not the trees --
Volleyball Lane at Boston TPC.
There are some other differences.
Woods made $2008. S.
The left knee was broken and there were two stress fractures in the leg.
Now he has pain in his back.
A month ago, Scott played with a fracture near his right finger, and a friend slammed his hand on the door.
He has nothing bad now, not after the Masters championship played a bogey.
Won Barclays in the free nations cup free round last week.
Mickelson plays Tory Pines.
Then the longest course in the history of major tournaments.
No driver in the bag. Now?
Some things will never change.
Even though Mickelson found a 3-
Similar to the driver\'s Wood.
After he won the British open 3-1, it\'s hard to question his strategy
The Wood outside the tee and fairway can reach the standard bar
This is a crucial moment for him at muyfield.
\"Five years later, we are here and the rankings are very similar,\" Mickelson said Thursday night . \".
\"I like to play with Adam and the tiger.
Adam is a great man and the Tiger shows the best in me.
I think we will push each other.
I hope all three of us play well.
Woods won the United States. S.
Open for his 14 majors, he has never won another one since then.
Mickelson is seven shots behind and Scott is another.
\"The accumulation of this event is huge,\" Scott said . \".
\"Even being the third wheel of that team, I will really remember it forever.
So tomorrow may be the same.
I don\'t know, but it\'s fun anyway.
We all played well this year.
So hopefully we can push each other and make a lot of birds, which will be a pleasant few days.
\"Who is the third round now?
\"It will be me again,\" Scott said with a smile . \".
The three players are also considered the best player of the year.
Scott and Mickelson won both PGA tournaments (
Mickelson won another big victory at the Scottish Open)
Woods won five games without a Grand Slam.
Woods is still the most popular, though the FedEx Cup champions for Scott and Mickelson may change that.
Defending McIlroy, who is the Defending champion, is still looking for his first win this year.
At the same time, Woods is at a seasonal stage where his dialect changes.
He used to talk about \"representation\" and \"traj \"(trajectory)
And the \"process.
\"These days he used terms related to his treatment such as\" activation \",\" trigger sequence \"and\" protocol \".
Attributed this to his recent injury.
He said it was caused by a soft mattress at the Barclays hotel last week.
He also had back pain in the last round of the PGA Championship.
He said it had nothing to do with the injuries.
He suffered a strain on his left elbow in the United States. S.
He missed two games due to injury.
When the last one appeared at the golf course, Woods knelt down from his back spasm after hitting the fairway metal in the water on the rod
Hole 13 leads to bogey.
He looks good and said as much on Thursday in his career
I\'m at the Deutsche Bank Championship.
Woods had a full swing with the driver, and he clapped effortlessly in rough places.
He did not hesitate to bend down, remove the tee from the ground, or remove the golf ball from the cup.
\"The back has always been. . .
\"It\'s obviously much better than Sunday,\" Woods said . \".
\"It\'s good to have an extra day off.
It certainly helps to start the game on Friday.
I receive treatment every day, two or three times a day.
It feels good.
\"Even before he can play his first serve in his career
One of the amateurs asked him about his back.
This problem is inevitable.
The answer is predictable.
\"It\'s okay,\" Woods said . \"
Woods said he plans to make nine holes and then, like last week at free National Park, only chips and putter in the back nine holes.
\"But it feels good, so I keep playing,\" he said . \"
Woods said the treatment was similar to the strain on his left elbow two months ago.
Electric stimulation, ice compress, ultrasound, massage.
It is not clear how much he can practice before and after the round.
It will be \"daily life,\" Woods said \".
\"This is my first day to play or swing from Sunday,\" he said . \".
\"It was a surprise to go there today and play without any discomfort.
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