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Time to ditch the cell

by:OPeREAL     2019-09-05
When I heard that Vitaminwater donated $100,000 in a contest, the winner had to give up their smartphone for a year and donate 1996 instead-era app-
My idea at the time was: I would never do that.
For six months, I couldn\'t even get $10,000 in condolences --free.
Even a day is a challenge.
I admit: I\'m addicted to my iPhone.
I sleep under the pillow or by the bed and often doze off with it in my hand.
This is my first thing in the morning.
I have never calculated how many times I pick up during the day, but at least a few times per hour (
I can\'t walk for five minutes without looking at it).
What do I do on my phone?
Everything, it feels like. Making to-
Do lists, search for random information, view emails-
Usually, pull it down in my inbox as if a new message will appear.
I am also wandering on social media because somehow I know what my cousin, the best friend of my childhood, is doing becomes crucial (
Yes, I added her on Facebook).
I can honestly say that as a freelance writer, I also work on my phone, scanning story ideas or replying to edits, but that\'s just a small part of my phone\'s screen time.
As someone who writes about dating and relationships, I know the importance of communication --
This is in theory.
But in fact, I \'ve been scolded more times by my boyfriend than I \'ve ever counted: \"You love your phone more than I do. \" Ouch.
When I feel socially awkward at meetings or professional events, I take out my phone. . .
Sometimes scroll through what people post about that event.
I feel uneasy when my phone is not easily accessible, such as news, friends and life without me is happening.
Is it really happening if I don\'t know?
If I don\'t feel like I\'m getting as much information as I can, my already high level of anxiety will rise.
However, when I pause long enough, I realize that the unlimited scrolling option offered by my smartphone makes my mind more numb than nutrition.
I can only handle so many inputs before all of this starts to blur.
Most of my phones are not healthy either.
I used to follow a writer on Instagram who I was sure had a perfect life.
Instead of admiring her, I envied her and always felt worse about myself after seeing her eat.
While social media can be used during the competition, it is not easy to use a laptop without a smartphone.
It is not very comfortable and cannot be used during transportation. The double-
The sword of smartphones is that they are never inconvenient (
Unless the battery is dead).
My simple gloss attracted me with it.
I will \"see\" it when I am in the bathroom.
Or wait in line at the store.
Or breakfast.
Accumulating, those few minutes that seem harmless enough are likely to represent my entire day, and I may have been reading books all the time, or just letting my brain relax.
Even without a smartphone, it is possible for me to go for a day, which fills me with fear. And yet —
As someone who thinks I am highly independent, I am very angry that I am completely dependent on this technological progress.
If I could pull out of my six-litre-a-
One day Diet Coke habit cold turkey I should be able to wean myself from my smartphoneright?
The second idea is that I will take part in the competition.
I\'m unlikely to win.
But even if I don\'t, I swear to start in January and limit my phone usage to 15 minutes a day.
A contestant wrote on Instagram: \"It seems like giving up the phone now gives up the body . \".
Although it applies to me, it is still a sad review of modern life.
So I\'m going this January. mostly)old school.
I hope I remember. —
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