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Today at the World Cup: Friday, July 6

by:OPeREAL     2019-08-20
World Cup season-
The final started on Friday, with two out of 2018 semi-finals
The final will be decided today.
Every morning during the tournament, we bring you an overview of what\'s coming. . .
Uruguay vs France in the World Cup (quarter-finals)-
Novgorod, monthly pmBrazil v. Belgium (quarter-finals)-
Kazan, 7 pmUruguay is bidding for the semi-final of the second World Cup
Three finals.
Against France, they played as one of the most popular teams, but sometimes even in their beating 4-
It has defeated Argentina in the last 16 games.
Kylian Mbappe has played a game for the French and caught the eye in that game, scoring twice, while Edinson Cavani, one of Uruguay\'s biggest threats, looks
\"Cavani is the historical figure of Paris Saint Germain,\" said Hugo Lloris . \".
\"He scored so many goals.
He is a winner, he is a leader, he is very respected in France as a player, but because of his values, he is also a man.
\"We are preparing for anything --
Whether he plays or not.
We know what he represents, but we also know that they have other players who can play at a high level.
\"Cavani and (Luis)
Suarez is one of the most beautiful attack pairs on Earth.
Uruguay has a great team with a very clear idea of what they want to do.
They are a very difficult team and no matter who is playing in front of them, they are very strong on the counter.
\"Tite has appointed his Brazilian team to play against Belgium, and there are two changes to the team that last beat Mexico.
Marcelo recovered from the injury and will start on the left
Before returning to Felipe Luiz, Fernandez will replace the suspended Casemiro in midfield.
Miranda will retain the captain\'s armband again, as Brazil hopes to take a step towards a record sixth World Cup and not just focus on golden boots --
Chase lucuku
\"Belgium is not just Lukaku,\" he said.
They are a very strong offensive team, but the main way to stop the opponent is to know all the players on the field because there are a few high-
Excellent players, they are very skilled.
\"Our defense will be well prepared to offset all the attacks from our opponents.
Luis Suarez: Edinburgh Cavani is likely to miss Uruguay
In the final game, Suarez will be ahead and hovered in the third goal of the World Cup this summer, and he also scored two goals in 2014 --
Against England-
Two more in South Africa in 2010.
Now, 31-year-old Suarez, one of Uruguay\'s senior politicians, has the opportunity to lead his country to the World Cup for the second time in eight years.
Since he moved from Liverpool in the last few months after the World Cup, he scored an incredible 110 goals for Barcelona in 130 La Liga games, which made him before the game
Suarez will play an important role if Uruguay can advance.
Kevin de Bruen: de Bruen has so far not reached the highest level of his special season in Manchester City and Belgium,, in the face of a Brazilian team that may have left more space than Japan in the past 16 years, his world --
The ability to pass the classroom is likely to stand out.
The midfielder has yet to sign up for an assist in Russia, although Belgium topped the scoring table with 12 goals in four games.
But Brazil will have the first Test from the team willing to open up in their own games and play with them.
Philippe Cutiño: in the first match against Switzerland in the World Cup in Brazil, Cutiño provided the same amazing help for Paulinho
The first name in the 0 group.
The Barcelona man began to find his feet in Spain at the end of the season and continued this to the World Cup.
Golden Boot is currently the closest challenger to Harry Kane in the World Cup Golden Boot game, and so far he has scored four goals and he can bridge two goals
Scoring gap against Brazil on Friday.
If Belgium is eliminated without a Manchester United striker scoring another goal, then no other player has scored more than three times in the league, this will bring the Spurs one step closer to winning personal honors.
Grizman says he is Uruguayan, and on the face of it, Antoine grizman\'s love for France
Uruguay\'s final opponent does not seem obvious.
But Atletico Madrid have a deep forward-
Admiration for this South American country.
One of the reasons is
Back to Diego Godin, he will be back from the team
On the pitch on Friday with the enemy at club level teammates.
\"Diego is a good friend.
\"I am with him in Madrid every day,\" grizman told reporters before the game at Novgorod.
\"I love a nation. I love a nation.
It will be a very exciting game for me.
\"Grizman\'s relationship with Uruguay began in 2009 when Martin Lasarte made a breakthrough in real society.
Griezmann has spent his entire career in Spain and he has always had a stable Uruguay team --mates.
He started drinking with former Uruguay striker Carlos Bueno at Sociedad and was persuaded by Godin to join Atletico in 2014.
\"He said he was Uruguayan,\" said Godin.
\"He made his debut with Martin Lasarte and he had a lot of time.
He has been surrounded by Uruguayan players.
He loves our lives and customs: having a barbecue, listening to music, and he even likes drinking more than I do!
Marcelo got rid of the damage of \"soft matterres. Manager Tite confirmed that Marcelo will return to Brazil to face Belgium and he is absent for 2-0 last-
The soft mattress of the team hotel led to a victory over Mexico.
Real Madrid-
2-from Brazil-
0 victory over Serbia in the final group stage was replaced by Felipe Luis.
\"I spoke to Marcelo and Felipe Luis,\" Tite said . \". \"Marcelo left (against Serbia)
Because of clinical problems, he didn\'t come back because of physical problems, he only had 45 to 60 minutes, and Felipe Luis played well in these games, but Marcelo came back.
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