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Turning to Your Phone for a Better Night’s Sleep

by:OPeREAL     2019-09-02
I slept badly.
I have tried various remedies and tricks over the years, but they have not helped.
I think I can\'t do anything about my problem until I find sleep
Smartphone app.
My favorite is Sleep Cycle, a $2 iOS app.
While this app does not help you fall asleep, it does help you understand your sleep habits.
It also aims to wake you up at the right point in time for your sleep cycle, when you sleep gently, so that you don\'t feel familiar sinking feeling after the alarm clock makes you awake.
The app is designed to work with the phone on the mattress.
It uses the iPhone\'s sensors to monitor motion and record the different stages of your sleep
From shallow to deep.
In the morning you will get a time chart showing how well you sleep.
Each night\'s data has a note section, so you can track whether drinking a cup of tea can disrupt your sleep, or if your sleep pattern is related to stress.
If you are really interested in a detailed analysis of sleep habits, you can export the data to an Excel spreadsheet.
The instructions for the application are easy to understand and the interface is easy to use.
I find it usually wakes me up when I feel well rested.
It does take a while to get used to this, because it means that you are awakened in the windows around the alarm time of your choice, not at 7: 30 a. m. m. sharp.
Maybe my only criticism is that a series of soothing alarm sounds from the app can be annoying, but you can also set it up to use downloaded music.
A similar free app on Android is Sleepbot.
It also uses the device\'s motion sensor to track your sleep mode, which can wake you up gently when you are in a light sleep.
Its interface is not as polished and easy to use as the sleep cycle, but the app is more powerful.
If you have insufficient sleep, you can set the target sleep time and check it in a few days, and you can set a sleep reminder.
It also has sound.
The monitoring function so you can see if there is noise interfering with your sleep, or what does your sleep have to do with a quiet environment.
Another way the app can help you sleep is to play soothing sounds for a while and then turn off quietly.
One of my favorite sleep apps is Rain, a $1 iOS app that plays soothing Rain.
Its interface has a large slider to control the volume and a small slider to adjust the intensity of the rain.
You can choose to have different intensity of Thunder in the mix and set the app to oscillate the volume to simulate the changes in the real shower.
There is also a simple sleep timer.
I find this white noise easy to get me to sleep but it may not be for you.
For alternative sleep sounds, try Sleep Pillow Sounds, a $2 iOS app that sounds like rain on the water, crackling fire in crack, or slapping waves on shore.
You can even stack these sounds together.
This app has a lovely graphic
Heavy interface and sleep timer, but the maximum setting of the timer is only 75 minutes.
It is also possible to notice the pattern in the sound, which may bother you.
Relaxation and sleep are similar apps on Android.
It has an impressive sound, like the cries of wolves and rocking chairs.
You can layer multiple sounds and set each sound to the required intensity.
The repetitive nature of some sounds seems to be more irritating than relaxing, but your mileage may vary.
Finally, I learned that listening to audiobooks can help me sleep.
It\'s like reading a story before going to bed.
Audio books (
Free on iOS, Android and Windows Phone)
Because of the huge choice of title and sleep timer function, it is the sleep weapon I chose.
I also use it while sleepingmonitoring app.
One drawback of Audible is that the price of some audiobooks may surprise you: the first book of Game of Thrones is nearly $32, unless you sign up for one of the monthly membership options for the app.
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These apps are free.
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