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Vacation snoring \'eye opening\'

by:OPeREAL     2019-09-07
Nestled on the sunny beach with a sweet voice.
The waves are roaring, the warm winds are blowing, and the blue sky supports the rustling palm trees.
Everything is on vacation at irie until the tropical buzz breaks out and is replaced by the urge to suffocate your partner with a pillow.
I was talking about last month when my boyfriend and I turned off the lights in the Dominican Republic, my ears snorted rhythmically.
When we came back from our first trip abroad, I realized that many women --and some men —
On the same boat.
According to a recent survey of 1,000 Canadians by dating site Zoosk.
Com, the woman says one of the biggest complaints when traveling with men is snoring loudly.
In general, 18% of couples say they are \"eye-catching\" when they are on holiday with their partners\"
The \"Open experience\" reveals bad habits, while 5% say the trip is so bad that they actually want to shorten their travel time and go home.
A couple I know went on a cruise recently.
The wife said she was really happy that the engine of the ship made a steady hum as it provided \"white noise\" to cover up her husband\'s constant snoring.
They also booked a cabin with a balcony to enjoy not only the sea view.
\"I think I can drag pillows and blankets out if I get too desperate,\" she said . \".
The author of less fighting, love, and couple mediator Laurie Puen says partners with snoring problems should book a suite, bring earplugs or put on sound.
\"The holiday is an uninterrupted time when you make hundreds of decisions together.
When you start to understand and negotiate with each other, it can be a recipe for disaster or a recipe for growth in relationships, \"said Puhn.
Sometimes, bad habits like toothpaste spitting in a mirror, or crowded people, can upset you.
But how these troubles are handled, Puhn says, can both ease tension and hinder holidays.
\"It should be easier to communicate and laugh with each other on vacation --
\"If it\'s not something you need to recognize, you\'re stuck in a relationship,\" Puhn said . \".
\"Your relationship should improve when you remove stress from your children, household chores and demanding bosses.
\"According to Statistics Canada, one out of every three men and one out of every four women snore, although the Canadian ear, nose and throat science would say that even in the non-
Snoring due to too much drinks at the pool bar.
That\'s a good explanation of why my Prince Charming
His money is definitely worth it-
His nose surprised me.
I have an idea now.
Next time I\'m going to dump pina coladas back and see what kind of music I can make.
Maybe he\'s the one stuck in his ears.
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