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\'Violently\' shaken: Baby Gabby suffered seizures for days before dying

by:OPeREAL     2019-08-28
A heartbreaking video shows that the little baby is in pain as she lies helplessly in her mother\'s arms twitching and twitching. The four-
When her mother said softly, \"Oh, baby, it\'s okay.
But this is not good.
The child is dying.
Her little head was torn and bleeding after a sharp shake.
Twitching due to severe seizures. The high-
Every time she twitching, she cries out loud because of swelling in her neck muscles and ligaments and pain in spinal cord bleeding.
Tot suffered a permanent brain injury and is now paralyzed and blind. Her 22-year-
On December, the old father was accused of shaking the baby with this force while taking care of the baby.
2016, he let her brain hit the skull.
The orillians pleaded not guilty to serious attacks and failure to provide the necessities of life.
During this week\'s trial in Bari court, the room was silent when disturbing videos were played.
On the witness stand, the mother of the 20-year-old girl looked at her child, wrapped in a sleeper of pink flowers, crying helplessly and pathetic, and she collapsed.
She testified that everything was fine just two days ago.
It was Christmas Day, the gift was opened, and the family passed a small bundle of happiness at her boyfriend\'s mother\'s house.
\"She is a typical snuggle of herself,\" the mother testified for her \"princess.
For some reason, the mother became upset and went through a \"panic attack\" that was not uncommon, and then left, leaving the father in trouble and unable to take care of their children.
The next night, on Boxing Day, she went out to drink with a girlfriend.
The court heard that the mother was emotionally challenged and overwhelmed by being a teenage mother.
\"The best thing about being a parent is that you\'re a walking, bankruptcy, zombie,\" she texted Dad . \".
He replied to the text message, \"You just had two nights off,\" he complained. \"I didn\'t sleep and I was very tired. ”On Dec.
2016, he took the child back to his mother\'s apartment and sat down to play video games.
The mother noticed that the baby was pale and cold and had a shallow breath.
\"I picked her up and she started screaming and twitching,\" she recalls . \".
The worry is that she asked her mother to take a video with her mobile phone so she could show it to the doctor.
Her mother told her everything would be fine.
So she held her baby in her car seat and went to Wal-Mart to do some \"retail treatment \".
\"Her friend noticed the baby twitching and insisted that something was wrong, so the young mom called the Ontario remote health center.
\"Next I know there are 10 carers around me,\" she testified . \".
The baby was taken to the Sick Children\'s Hospital, where the tubes were inserted into each hole
Respiratory tube, venous tube, feeding tube, catheter tube.
A dozen drugs have been taken to stop seizures, but they still last for a few days. Dr.
The chairman of pediatrician, child and adolescent abuse of sick children, Michelle Shouldice, testified that the baby is close to death and there is a lot of bleeding around the brain, she had brain damage and severe bleeding behind her eyes and spinal cord.
Shouldice testified that this serious injury was not caused by the accident
The baby was shaken \"violently\" and the head could also be hit.
\"There is nothing else that can explain these injuries,\" Shouldice testified . \".
In this trial, there is no doubt that the baby was attacked --
Who raised the question.
Officials believe that the father was the only one with a child alone before the symptoms began.
But Mike frosmann did not suggest that he was a sly baby.
Beating criminals
\"This is not someone who is malicious or retaliating,\" said frosmann . \".
\"This is a father who is overwhelmed and inexperienced --
A young man over his head
He was in trouble.
His wisdom came to an end. and he lost it.
\"This is a tragedy caused by\" children, having children \", flosman added.
Defense lawyer Charles Manners thinks it may have been the mother who hurt her child.
She is also overwhelmed as a parent.
Judge Joseph Di Luka is expected to deliver his sentence later this month.
According to the Canadian public health agency, shaking baby injuries may be seriously underestimated and reported insufficient.
In less serious cases, infants who look normal after shaking may end up with behavior or learning problems.
Sometimes the problem is not noticed until the child enters the school system.
Shaking baby syndrome, also known as abusive head trauma, is a form of child abuse that causes the head to swing back and forth when the baby is violently shaken.
Severe shaking, sometimes accompanied by a blow to the head from the wall or from the crib mattress, swings the baby\'s brain back and forth so that it hits the skull, damaging and tearing the brain and spinal cord, resulting in bleeding of the retina.
This is the most common situation when the baby\'s needs, especially relentless crying, become a trigger for frustrated and overwhelmed parents or caregivers.
One out of every four cases causes the baby to die.
Surviving children may be blind, have seizures, have paralysis, and have severe mental retardation.
The Canadian public health agency reported that between 2005 and 220, there were 2008 confirmed cases across Canada.
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