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The business policy Dongguan OPeREAL Commercial and Trading Co.,Ltd launched with is baby sleeping pillow. Welcome to visit our factory! The Specialized Manufacturer of pillow OPeREAL's sleep pillow has more advantages over similar products in terms of technology and quality. OPeREAL always gives priority to customers and services. With a great focus on customers, we strive to meet their needs and provide optimal solutions.

How to determine the filter bag size and quantity of the bag filter? Determination of filter bag specifications, quantity and size of filter bag.?1 According to the filter wind speed checked in the dust removal technical manual, it should be controlled at 1.2-2.Requirements of 0 m/min,It is initially determined that the filtered wind speed is 2 m/min,?2 according to the air volume parameters of the fan, we determine that the gas processing capacity is 10314m3/h?3 according to the treatment gas volume and filtration wind speed, the net filtration area of the collector is calculated according to the following formula A = VQ60M3: Q-Processing gas volume (m3/h );?VN-Net filtered wind speed (m/min );?AN = Q/60VN = min/min60/3 VMQM = min/2min60/103143 = 85.95m2 according to the known parameters, we can calculate the filter area of 86 ㎡.According to the selection of specifications 130 × 2.The filter area of one-meter filter bag is 0.85 ㎡ ),A = Π d × L × N, N = = 101,It takes 101 filter bags.To ensure

What is the central feeding system? What equipment is made up? The central feeding system is designed for the production of plastic products in the injection molding workshop,Continuous molding operation without interruption is realized.The combination of raw material varieties and multi-color materials can be changed as needed,Realize the automation of coloring process.The system can regenerate and use the injection port cold material in a fully automatic way,Able to control all feeding equipment,And prevent the occurrence of blockage in the storage warehouse,Complete automation by setting up a central monitoring station.The difference between the central feeding system and the automatic feeding system: \ r 1. Working Principle: \ r the working principle of the Central feeding system is to use vacuum transmission mode,Then the plastic raw materials are transported from the storage tank to the central desiccant drying system through the centralized pipeline system,Then deliver the dry raw materials to each in
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