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What are main products to OPeREAL?
Dongguan OPeREAL Commercial and Trading Co.,Ltd focuses on producing high quality bed pillow with stable performance. OPeREAL's enterprise spirit is to be united, truth-seeking, practical and innovative. The business concept is to seek development with integrity and sci-tech. We carry out the modern enterprise management system and stick to sustainable development. We continuously provide quality products and satisfactory services for new and old customers. OPeREAL's toddler bed pillow can be used in many industries. OPeREAL's sleeping mattress series include multiple types. By using the advanced testing equipment in the product, many quality problems of the product can be detected immediately, thus effectively improving the quality. Its performance will maintain excellence though it will turn slightly yellow after long use. Customer's trust is a kind of brand for our team. It is bound tightly and is made to last. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

What are the external filter tanks in the aquarium? What order? The first layer from the bottom: Put a piece of physical cotton first,The second layer: put red fungus house or breathing ring,The third layer: put biochemical balls and activated carbon,The fourth layer: Put a piece of physical cotton,The fifth floor: digest a piece of cotton,Top floor: put another piece of physical cotton,The above description is the filter sequence of the self-made filter barrel,The finished barrel does not need to be matched by itself,

What is the main difference between a backwashing filter and a self-cleaning filter? In fact, the backwashing filter is a form of self-cleaning filter. The washing method of the backwashing filter uses the liquid reverse flushing filter to take away impurities.I. There are several types of self-cleaning filters:Backwashing filter. Backwashing filter is divided:(1) backwashing filter of filter liquid;(2) external liquid backwashing filter.Self-cleaning filter(1) brush-type mechanical self-cleaning filter(2) scraper type mechanical self-cleaning filter, etc.Backwashing and self-cleaning filter of mechanical self-cleaning.Two, the main difference between the backwashing filter and the filter form of the self-cleaning filter1. different structures:The backwashing filter consists of carbon steel barrel, wedge-shaped stainless steel strip filter, butterfly valve and sewage collection device. When normal operation, the butterfly valve is turned on, the sewage is closed, and the fluid flows
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