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What fields is sleep pillow applied in?
Why can some filter to 0.01 and some filter to dozens? What you said is true, and the reason for this phenomenon is the difference in understanding water treatment. First of all, I will answer your questions one by one:.Are all front-end foreign products with poor filtering effect hundreds of times and thousands of times higher prices instead?A: The reason for the high price of foreign products is caused by tariffs and the profits raised by imported enterprises in response to the mentality of flattering.What is going on?A: This is the case. the price of the same product in the producer country is not high.Is there a problem with the pre-filter water purifier used in China?A: No, formal and legal products with batch parts have no problem in filtering technology and filtering materials themselves, and the quality of products is not discussed here.Did you filter all the minerals?A: No minerals are removed by UF.Why don't foreign countries use ultra-filtration technology to do pre-water purifier?A:

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Will the installed front filter affect the effluent? what is the configuration? I don't know what water you are. if it is home tap water in big cities, the water pressure will be slightly lower, especially if there is no shower water storage tank on the shower equipment, the water pressure will be reduced a lot. Other equipment can't be said specifically. But there is a principle that as long as you need a fast flow rate, the pressure will be greatly affected. you don't need it to flow with this water. you can simply not flow. Then the filter has little effect on water pressure.
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