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What to expect financially when you’re expecting

by:OPeREAL     2019-08-30
We look forward to it. we can\'t be happier!
During the two happy weeks after my fiancé proposed in early December, I began to feel like I was hit by a ton of bricks, and almost every air I breathe smelled bad
Including our engagement dinner.
My spidey feeling stopped, after three positive family pregnancy tests (
Of course, it was purchased at the time of sale)
We confirm that our family will become bigger.
Instead of having a big wedding this summer, we will rotate our plans to welcome baby boys.
The wedding will wait until the summer of 2020.
Here are the steps we follow to control our baby budget.
Ignore the stress that drives your baby crazy: my Instagram feed is full of babies --
The relevant clothing, furniture, thermos device, stroller with vibration, crib, mattress and baby toy are all available.
My girlfriend also has suggestions for breastfeeding pillows, bassinet, swaddle blankets, etc.
My pregnancy app has 56-
A list of the key points to buy before our children arrive.
However, 80 of them are unnecessary and will cause confusion in your home.
After consulting a lot of mom\'s blogs and talking to my own mother, the basic problem to be aware of in the first month is that there are enough diapers and onesies, bassinet, car seats, thermometers, where to feed your baby (
Tips, the sofa is free)
Bottle and formula (
If breastfeeding is not an option)
And a stroller.
If your friends and family are taking a baby shower for you, please be strategic about your registry and focus first on the essentials --and the nice-to-haves second.
Take your time: The baby will eventually need additional items like bigger clothes and baby cots, but after the baby is born, you will have at least two months to buy them.
To reduce the pressure on the budget, take out these purchases and try to buy them in sales.
If something on my baby list sold 30 cents or more, my fiancé and I bought it.
If not, we wait.
Try it before you buy it: just because you like the Bumbo seat doesn\'t mean your child wants to sit in the seat.
So, before you rush out to buy anything cute you see online, ask your friends if they have this and if you can borrow it for a few weeks.
This will save you hundreds of dollars by figuring out what your child does and doesn\'t like.
Hug \"use gently\": Check out the local used store.
They can become a treasure chest full of baby necessities at half price.
You may need to buy through stock, but this effort is usually worth it.
Non-expenditure overruns
Baby necessities take money from more important financial priorities, such as funding for upcoming parental leave and future education for babies through the Registered Education Savings Program.
So focus on what your baby really needs to thrive --
Healthy You, healthy food, healthy home. Lesley-
Anne skogie is from Toronto.
Personal finance columnist and freelancer columnist for star.
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