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Which custom mattress company doing OEM?
What should be the electrical device before and after the filter of the fresh air unit? Sunde fresh air unit is an air conditioning device that provides fresh air.Function according to the requirements of the use environment can achieve constant temperature and humidity or simply provide fresh air.The working principle is to take fresh air outdoors and send it to the room through the fan after dust removal, dehumidifying (or humidifying), cooling (or heating), etc,Replace the original indoor air when entering the indoor space.Of course, the functions mentioned above must be determined according to the needs of the use environment,The more complete the function, the higher the cost.To ensure indoor air quality,Equipped with a centralized fresh air system for indoor space,The main unit that supplies fresh air and handles fresh air is called fresh air unit.The control of fresh air units includes: Air Supply temperature control, air supply relative humidity control, anti-freezing control, CO2 concentratio

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For help, what level of filter does 10um correspond? According to Document No. 85 [1993] issued by the state administration, the notice of the General Office of the State Council on issuing the three implementation measures for the reform of the wage system of organs and institutions, 'only professional and technical titles without administrative positions, according to the actual situation of each unit and referring to the original salary level, the spirit of determining the job salary and level salary according to the same conditions: the senior professional and technical personnel, the job salary is determined according to the high grade of the job salary at the positive level, and the level salary is determined according to the level corresponding to the positive level. It should be noted that this correspondence is not absolute, but a reference. Moreover, we can't think that senior technicians in business orders will have to pay the same salary as civil servants at the right level.
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