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which type mattress gives best back pain relief?

by:OPeREAL     2019-08-22
Want to get rid of back pain forever?
Read on to find out why your mattress causes back pain and how to treat back pain.
If you ever wake up with nagging back pain and want to know if your mattress is causing pain, I bring you good news.
A mattress with good support is the key to your back pain relief.
Have you noticed that when you sleep on a hotel mattress or stay at a friend\'s or relative\'s home, you sometimes wake up with back pain?
The reason for \"sleep induced\" back pain is simple, that is, you don\'t get the support you need.
You can do a test with any mattress and check the amount of support it gives you on your back.
Lie on the bed, on your back.
Lie there for a few minutes and relax.
Without raising any part of the body, simply reach down and try to slide your hand between the mattress and your back.
The easier it is for your hands to slide behind, the less support the mattress gives you.
This test is for new and old mattresses, so you can use this test when shopping at the mattress store.
There used to be an old wife\'s story, saying that the stronger the mattress, the better support for your back.
This theory has recently been debunked by the medical profession.
Until then, I \'ve been suggesting people lie on the floor and notice that there is a tunnel between your back and the floor.
This means that the floor does not support your back at all, and you will have low back pain soon.
You might say to yourself, \"then maybe I should buy a fluffy pillow that I can sink down.
\"Sorry, the fluffy pillow mattress is not the answer either.
Too soft mattress will be \"hammock\" in your lower back area \".
The hammock effect appears when your back is bent outward, not naturally inward at the bottom of your spine.
Imagine yourself lying in a hammock and you will understand what I am talking about.
Your back is drooping to the ground, isn\'t it?
Without the stiff feeling of lying on the floor, you need the support of your lower back.
Your mattress should be soft enough to give you the comfort you need to get a good night\'s sleep.
In fact, what people are looking for on solid mattresses is just better support.
This is where the superior design of the iCoil system has performed so well in the rescue.
The technology developed using iCoil is specially designed for you to reduce back pain.
You can get the support you want without sleeping on a rock.
The coils are individually packaged so they are independent of each other.
That means you won\'t be thrown out of bed with a flip
A restless sleep partner plopped.
The coil is also much smaller than the normal \"Bonnell spring\" in other cheap-made mattresses.
So they can easily align with your back and provide the support you need.
Sleep is a key factor in health and it\'s hard to get a good night\'s sleep when you have pain in your back.
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