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I bought a water purifier. is it necessary to install the central water purification of the whole house? As we all know, although our domestic water is mainly tap water, tap water has reached the standard of direct drinking after the purification of the water plant, but in the process of transporting it to the user's family, due to the corrosion and leakage of the water pipeline, the lack of cleaning of the high-rise water tank water tower, etc., the tap water is suffering from secondary pollution such as rust, sediment, colloid, red insects, bacterial microorganisms, etc, the tap water is no longer clean when it reaches the user's home, so we need the help of the water purifier equipment to remove these secondary pollutants.But in fact, all kinds of pollutants in the water will not only invade through the mouth, but may also harm your health when brushing your teeth or bathing.The central water purification system of the whole house can solve the needs of drinking, eating, washing and bathing water i

Dongguan OPeREAL Commercial and Trading Co.,Ltd has been focusing on the Manufacturing Rubber & Plastics business for years. And we have won many honorary qualifications due to the outstanding R&D capabilities and superb production technology. The natural resources around OPeREAL are abundant. The geographical condition is excellent which brings developed information and traffic convenience. OPeREAL could customize comprehensive and efficient solutions according to customers' different needs. If customers don't have the design, we can design and produce the exact mesh silicone rubber pillow, mesh silicone rubber mattress that they want in every detail.

How many microns are the coarse filtration, pre-filtration, and fine filtration filter aperture of the fermented air filtration system? If the German UF ultrafilter product, the accuracy can reach 0.01um. Oil removal can reach 0. 003ppm coarse filtration 80 pre-filtration 100. this is not the same after filtering below 30. it depends on what you filter and ferment. fine filtration reaches 0.003 microns.
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