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Who Should Worry About Dust Mites (and Who Shouldn’t)

by:OPeREAL     2019-09-02
My husband and I were having a serious pillow conversation the other night.
But not what you think.
Husband: don\'t we need a new pillow?
We have been sleeping for seven years.
They seem to be fine to me.
Husband: but they may be full of mites and other disgusting things. Me: Ugh. O. K.
After $400 I bought a new pillow.
We have two members per family.
I was about to investigate the dust cover (
Another $100)
When I stopped
Really, should I care so much about dust bacteria?
Both my husband and I had a slight allergy, but I never felt my pillow made me sick.
These fluffy new pillows and quilt covers are expensive.
Powder mites are microorganisms, about 0.
4mm in length, feast on thin slices of human skin.
Their feces contain a substance called DerP1, a very effective allergen.
People who are allergic to mites may have asthma symptoms, eczema, or chronic sinus problems.
Advertising many of us believe that sheets, pillows and mattresses must be replaced on a regular basis to prevent them from being home to a large number of colonies of these pesky creatures, so as not to cause their feces to spread and cause allergies among family members
According to most experts, the authenticity of advertising is a bit bland.
People who are allergic to mites should indeed take measures to protect themselves.
But everyone else can skip the expensive linen \"R\" Us Tour.
The question is, it\'s not always clear if you have a mite allergy.
Even if you know you\'re allergic, there\'s a lot of confusion about which strategies are really effective.
Here\'s how to decide if you should worry about your bedding and the dust you live on your bed --
And expert advice on the most effective home intervention.
Allergy Test mites breed in a warm, humid climate.
They barely exist in places like New Mexico, but they thrive in tropical areas like Florida.
This is a test for mites: \"If your home is full of static electricity, you may not have mites now,\" said Dr. Thomas Platts-
Mills is director of the University of Virginia Center for asthma and allergy.
But be careful if the temperature and humidity rise.
About one out of every four Americans has some kind of allergy, and about two in this group --
Doctors say people in their thirties are allergic to mites.
Allergy expert James sourlet in the city of Wisconsin, Kentucky
He is the chairman of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology\'s indoor allergen committee.
\"Very few people are allergic to one thing,\" he said . \".
If you\'re not sure if you\'re sensitive to mites, ask yourself these questions: Do I have a persistent nose and sinus headache?
Do I often wake up with itchy eyes?
The first thing I do in the morning is sneeze again and again?
\"Sometimes the symptoms are obvious, but sometimes they are subtle,\" the doctor said . \"
Diego Sabota, the ENT doctor of ElizabethJ.
Responsible for allergy management.
\"Your only symptom may be chronic nasal congestion.
\"If you do have some annoying symptoms, consider looking for an allergy specialist to do the test.
Don\'t forget the child: dust mite allergy is common in children and is also a risk factor for developing asthma, Dr. Platts-Mills.
The sooner you step in, the less likely your child\'s symptoms will be to escalate to more severe ones.
The allergy test takes about an hour, and most insurance companies pay for it, ranging from $500 to $1,000 depending on where you live.
After the visit, you will know what you are allergic to and to what extent.
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If you are allergic to mites, you need to reduce exposure, which is a scientific dispute.
But first, you should know the scientific controversy about bedding.
Most researchers support the use of protective bedding to reduce exposure to dust worms. But a meta-
The 54 research analyses published by the non-profit Cochrane Collaboration in 2008 on the control of dust worm interventions concluded that \"chemical and physical methods designed to reduce exposure to dust worm allergens cannot be recommended”Dr.
Lead author of the study and director of the Nordic Cochrane Center in Copenhagen, Peter gotzce, said in an email
Mail, \"contact with mites and mites allergens can be reduced by packaging, chemicals, vacuum cleaning, etc.
It\'s too small to have any effect.
Most allergy experts and environmental health experts disagree.
For example, the American Society of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology and the National Heart and Lung and Blood Institute have told allergic consumers to pack mattresses, box springs and pillows in special allergens
Waterproof fabric cover.
Although the study was mixed, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2004 found that children\'s mattresses and pillows were covered with special mites --
It is proved that casing can help reduce the complications of asthma.
A similar Clinical and Experimental Allergy study published by Dutch researchers in 2002 found that mattress packaging helped alleviate symptoms in asthma patients and concluded that \"they should be recommended.
\"Appropriate steps
Despite gotzche\'s view, most experts recommend various interventions for people who are allergic to dust worms.
Mites breed quickly at high humidity and can live on sheets and blankets in a few days.
Bedding wash (
Quilt and duvet included
Use a hot dryer in hot water every week.
There is no need to replace them with new linen.
But buy a new pillow if you want to start over.
It doesn\'t matter what kind of advertising you buy;
More importantly, you protect pillows and mattresses with special mites
Experts say there is evidence.
The new cover is old.
The old-fashioned typewriter is made of material, tightly woven and does not allow mites to penetrate, but soft to touch.
Make sure you get insurance from a reputable company such as Mission Allergy or national allergy supply.
The cost of the pillow is $15 to $40 and the cost of the mattress is $100 or more.
If you have a serious allergy, your doctor may advise you to remove the carpet from your home or at least from your bedroom and use Venetian blinds instead of fabric curtains.
Dust takes refuge in the carpet, but cannot live on hard surfaces such as wood floors or plastic.
If you are not allergic to mites, forget the horror story about mites blowing through your home in the city.
When you notice that the pillow does not support your neck and head as before, just change the pillow.
One exception to the rule is: if you spill liquid on a pillow or quilt, consider discarding them to avoid hatching mold groups where you sleep.
It turns out my husband and I don\'t need a new pillow and we should also get a protective cover if we are allergic to mites.
Still, our new pillows are more luxurious and more supportive than the old ones.
Perhaps there is not much to pay for a chance to relax.
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Who should not).
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