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why is the women’s prison in kitchener so overcrowded?

by:OPeREAL     2019-09-13
A women\'s prison in kidina is overcrowded, and some criminals are double.
Pile up in units that should be used to visit relatives.
Canadian correctional investigator Howard Sapers recently visited the Big Valley prison and found that prison officials plan to convert the stadium into more cells if the prison population continues to grow.
Two private family visiting units, mobile trailer-
Like the space of two rooms, each cabin is designed with only one criminal and their loved ones (
Usually a spouse or family)
Up to three days.
But Samps said
In November, there were 16 women
8 units per unitliving in them.
Sapers said after a routine visit to the Dagu agency: \"No one in the correctional services department thinks this is the best case (GVI).
\"The challenge is that they have no control over who the court is sending them.
\"The agency was built to accommodate 162 offenders, but it has had to accommodate up to 183 offenders over the past year, and the regularity is getting stronger and stronger --
As a result of the new mandatory minimum sentencing law, more people were jailed for lighter offences.
A women\'s advocacy group and the prison guard union said temporary shelter was unacceptable.
Kim Pett, president of the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Association, said she saw six women living in one of the units and some sleeping in bunk beds.
\"Because there is no suitable ladder, women climb the table and things,\" she said . \".
\"The new prison was built to enable women to live together and to develop the skills of how to live,\" Pett said . \"
There are many facilities in the hotel, including living room and kitchen.
\"It looks like it\'s back in the old mode.
\"When these units are made into mini
Prison, stop the visit.
Access is an integral part of reintegration into the community.
\"The idea that they have used them and intend to use them as the population grows is unacceptable,\" said Jason Godin, Ontario regional chairman of the Canadian Union of correctional officers.
\"This is an important project for the rehabilitation of prisoners.
In fact, the Canadian Correctional Services Agency\'s website said that private visits \"are not just a couple visit because it is designed to improve the ability of prisoners to carry out their correctional programs.
\"For about 600 female offenders in federal custody, this program is worth cherishing because of the manyover three-quarters —are mothers.
Melissa Hart, media relations adviser to the Canadian correctional services department, said by email that private family-visiting apartments and gyms were \"used as temporary measures to accommodate offenders \".
She also said that the keqina prison plans to add 44 permanent spaces. Holly L.
Nores, Ontario regional communications manager, Correctional Services Canada, postponed enquiries to national headquarters.
The overcrowding of women\'s prisons did not surprise criminal lawyer Jennifer Penman.
\"You will see more women being sentenced to direct imprisonment,\" she said . \".
Because women\'s crimes are often men\'s (
Like fraud and drugs.
Related Crimes)
They bear the brunt of the new mandatory minimum laws, which are \"completely unaware\" of the crime situation, Penman said \".
Prior to that, the judge may have exercised discretion and imposed conditional penalties on the offender, acknowledging her secondary role in the offence and allowing her to continue to take care of her children.
\'But now it\'s different,\' Mr. pemman said.
\"They ended up in custody for a long time and the children ended up in foster care,\" she said.
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