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Will $150,000 Buy You the Best Sleep You\'ve Ever Had?

by:OPeREAL     2019-09-01
A quiet crying baby can\'t be guaranteed in the viverdus bed.
It didn\'t swear Peter Pan.
Like a trip that never lands every night.
The tooth fairy will not leave a bill of $100 under extremely comfortable pillows
Although it is priced at nearly $150,000, it will be a good benefit.
It promises to be more in line with the recent Health Sciences: get a good night\'s sleep and you\'ll live longer, learn faster, function better, get in shape and look younger.
For a high cost
End Mercedes or collectible clocks and you can swim in anall
Every night is a natural fountain of youth.
This is probably the idea.
I went to the corporate showroom near Chelsea in New York to see it myself.
The price is just as interesting to me as the pictures of the plodedpictures: how can something that looks so ordinary be so valuable?
At first glance, viverdus looked like a typical bed.
No wide-
Screen TV coming out from under the box spring, no built-in-In the fridge.
It doesn\'t spin in circles like jewelry under the decadent mirror ceiling.
But before I climbed into the bed, Bob Cooper, vice president of global retail at Heston, took me through the history.
The first viverdus was launched in 2006, and it took 160 hours to create it, costing $112,900.
For 10 years, the company has looked at how to regulate body temperature and provided support to create so-called \"perfect sleep\" without using any calories\"
Rubber or plastic material.
They eventually doubled the time they needed to build the bed. now 320 hours—
The company has used only four certified artisans to make them in a dedicated studio in hes, Sweden.
Each Vividusis is built to order and takes at least 10 weeks before delivery.
How does all this add up to $149,000?
It starts at the bottom.
The slow of the woodenframe ismade
Pine trees growing in northern Sweden.
There is a box spring called the base on the top, which is a pure steel spring and multi-layer linen for sound insulation.
The top is the mattress, there are more springs on the mattress, a layer of cotton and wool, and a horse hair lining, stacked in the way you make thousands of layers.
The mattress pad or \"hat\" has its own layer of cotton, wool and horse hair.
Horse hair is essential: the hair is woven by hand and then unzipped to make it bounce more.
Each curled line works like a small spring, providing support and elasticity.
Because each horse hair is also a hollow tube (
Not like human hair)
This material, as a micro-airway, can absorb moisture and therefore does not accumulate sweat.
The cumulative effect of all these layers is that when you are lying in bed, you feel that your legs are slightly raised, and as the doctor will tell you, it is better for blood circulation and overall heart health.
I went in and I began to understand what they meant.
Articles like this usually describe the luxury mattress as \"sleeping on the cloud\", but vivdus is not that soft.
My feet are different from the other mattresses I have slept on.
It is given and held in an unusual but always comfortable way.
It will take me a while to settle in, says Cooper, the longer I stay inside, the more it reacts to my body, depending on whether I sleep sideways or prefer to stay
Can it cure my Jimmy\'s leg? I wonder.
The longer I\'m here, even if it\'s the price
The label guilt began to melt.
The whole thing was built in Swedish style, which means that the swallow tail joint is not a screw or nail, the spring is attached to the inside of the mattress with steps
Complete the stitching process manually with a needle of about 18 inch long.
Wool batting adds another layer of safety without the need for toxic chemicals: if it catches fire, natural flame-retardant fibers wrap around Cotton and suppress oxygen.
The bed is an allergen-
Although Cooper says he has seen something older than 100, usually passed down as a biography of heir.
Lying here, I\'m doing math, and at that rate it\'s only 50 minutes of sleep per hour.
My advice: buy it if you can afford it.
Just, I didn\'t give it a try and see what the fuss was.
I\'m always spoiled.
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